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white smallw wooden cabinet with colourful background with motives Murals Wallpaper

Bathroom With Big White Square Tiles On The Wall, Grey Square Tiles On The Floor,
White Smallw Wooden Cabinet With Colourful Background With Motives
Bathroom Sink With Pink Square Backsplash, Golden Faucet, Golden Framed Round Mirror
Bathroom With Yellow Floor, White Toilet, White Sink With Colourful Ornament, Wall Shelves, Round Lamp, Mirror
Bathroom With Terazzo Tiles, White Toilet, Sink With Terazzo Pattern, Golden Bin, Mirror With Shelves
Bathroom With Small White Square Tiles On The Walls And Floors, White Toilet, Shower Area Parted With Glass
Bathroom With White Square Tiles On The Walls, Floor, White Bath Tub, White Toilet, Wooden Stool, Dark Brown Sink With Round Mirror
Bathroom With Pink Long Tiles On The Wall, White Toilet, White Sink With Round White Cabinet, Round Mirror, Terazzo Floor
Bathroom With Black Terazzo Tiles, Terazzo Toilet, Terazzo Stool And Bathtub
Bathroom With White Tiles, White Sink And Cabinet, Square Mirror, Golden Faucet

Colours in 80s have been really interesting. It can be soft and it can also be shocking neon colours which if they are combined, it can be a great colour playing. And the 80s style has been brought back to bathroom in a really pretty and fun way.

Pink Squares

The era of pink colour seems to last quite long and it brings out nevertheless in the bathroom. Pink square tiles are so 80s style that this one here comes in an open door. You can see that it’s so pretty the golden details makes the room pops in a good way.


White Square

Still in the square tiles side, this one presents itself with the classic white in the floor and some part of the walls in the tub area. With grey walls, the look is not too pop but it still has the classic feeling to it.


Covered in Tiles

This one is similar with the previous one with its white square tiles. However, the difference is that in this one, the square tiles are covered the bathroom in the entire wall plus the floor it looks like the bathroom have quite wide canvas with a little details on toilet and black metals.


Colourful Terrazzo

Just like mentioned before that 80s vibe has the colourful pop colours to it. With colourful terrazzo, your bathroom will look cheerful and burst in a really fun way. You can also try to matching shelves and sink so that you have a really wide canvas of colourful dots.


Dark Terrazzo

Still playing with terrazzo, you besides popping your colours in white background you can definitely also try the dark background. If you want to take your game a notch, you can camouflage everything in the bathroom in the matching terrazzo pattern.


Blushing Retro

This one has a similar idea with the retro pink squares where it has the blushing pink colour to own the place. It’s not only the pink that blushes the bathroom but it is also the colourful terrazzo that promises the room to look beautiful and retro at the same time.


Big White Squares

Back to the square tiles games, this one owns bigger square tiles which pronounce the square games more pronounced. And using a different colour, the floor is also using square tiles to bring out the best retro feeling of it.


Simple White

More on the squarely tiles, this one looks different but it’s not too different as it also has square tiles with pattern and placed differently. The simple cabinet and golden faucet gives the old character on it as well as the simply square mirror.


Patterned Wall

When people say something about 80s pattern, this kind of pattern might be the one that pops in your mind. This retro, unique, and colourful explains 80s the best. To acquire it, you only need to find the best wallpaper and put it on the dry area.


Colourful Pops

Besides retro patterns, shocking colours are also one of the characteristics of 80s style. If you’re fearless and want to explain your bold character, you can paint your bathroom in pop colours and brings the details in your bathroom in shocking colours. It’s look cheerful and merry.

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