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colorful blocks on the ceiling, white pendant, soft pink wall, wooden floor, blue rug, pink velvet chairs, pink round bench Article

White Vaulted Ceiling, Wooden Triangle Beams, Wooden Floor, Blue Chairs, White Sofa, White Wooden Coffee Table, White Curtain, Chandelier, Wooden Shelves
Colorful Geometric Blocks, Pink Frame, Glass Pendant, Wooden Wall, Purple Rug, Purple Bed Platform
Tray Ceiling With Black Painted Area, White Tray For The Pendant, White Wall, Dining Set Under, White Pendant
Geometrical Pattern Ceiling, Tray Ceiling, Golden Chandelier, Gre Wooden Floor, White Tble, Chairs
White Wooden Vaulted Ceiling, Dark Wooden Beams, White Rug, Brown Sofa Anc Chairs, Wooden Round Coffee Table,
White Tray Ceiling With Crystal Chandelier, Wooden Floor, Dark Grey Rug, Tufted Headboard, White Chair, Dark Char, Grey Table Lamp, Gry Curtain
Simple Stencil Patterned Ceiling, Exotic Pendant, Grey Wall, Painting
Black Ceiling With Animals Constellation, White Wall, Black Robot, Dark Wooden Floor, Colorful Rug
Mirrored Ceiling With Crystal Chandelier, Wooden Floor, Black Rug, Black Bedding With Headboard, Grey Wallpaper
Colorful Blocks On The Ceiling, White Pendant, Soft Pink Wall, Wooden Floor, Blue Rug, Pink Velvet Chairs, Pink Round Bench

Adding accent on the ceiling would make your room more interesting. It can be the architecture of your house that you take advantage or you add the accent yourselves. You can add accent ceiling in any room in your house. You just need to choose which room you would make differences. Here below are ten stunningly beautiful accent ceiling you can get some inspirations from.

Vaulted ceiling
Having a great privilege from the building you have can be really fun as you can use the unique space to your benefits. This one simply adds wooden beams following the line from the ceiling and it has brought enough attention to the ceiling.

Cathedral Ceiling
This one gives accent ceiling from the way it has been built. With vaulted ceiling, you ceiling has its own accent and charm. But, not stopping there, this one adds wooden frame floowing the shape of the ceiling.

Tray Ceiling
This tray ceiling has a quite deep tray that it makes a dramatic presence of the crystal chandelier. The crystal chandelier also put a strong accent to the ceiling. This supports the luxurious vibe from the bedroom under.

Mirror Ceiling
In this one, the ceiling has a really interesting touch. With mirror, the ceiling brings the room a more spacious feeling. Combined with beautiful crystal chandelier, the ceiling has a strong charms.

White Detailed
This one has tray ceiling model with black painted area in the middle. However, not only that, they add white detailed tray before the white pendants. This small details add texture and bring pleasant vibe in the dining room.

Colorful Blocks
For those who love colorful spectrum, painted your ceiling in many different colors will create a fun and lively vibe. This one here paints the ceiling in many different shade but maintain to keep on the neutral tones. This ceiling looks gorgeous combined with pink velvet chairs under it.

Colorful Geometric
Similar to the previous one, this one too has colorful accent on the ceiling. However, instead of only paints it on square, this one takes further steps: geometrical lines. And this makes the ceiling looks so striking and lovely.

Exotic Touch
If you love Moroccan pattern as much as we do, you will love this stencil ceiling with exotic pattern. Not only that, the pendant support the sentiment too, and with really well designed frame that it gives cool shade on the ceiling.

Geometric Accent
IF you love modern style design, you would love this geometric ceiling. Although it is simple, the simplicity and minimalist look under the chandelier makes the ceiling looks so pronounced. Added by golden chandelier, it completes the perfect look.

Wallpapered Ceiling
If you want to make an accent on the ceiling without getting too much work, putting on wallpaper might be the easiest way to do. Like this one here, the ceiling is in deep black with some simple details.

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