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urban enclosed living room design with gray walls different standing lamps light toned wooden floor brown curtains blue accent chairs wooden coffee table Sylvia Martin

Urban Enclosed Living Room Design With Gray Walls Different Standing Lamps Light Toned Wooden Floor Brown Curtains Blue Accent Chairs Wooden Coffee Table
Mid Sized Timeless Formal And Enclosed Dark Wood Floor And Brown Floor Living Room With Gray Walls And No Tv And Cream Rug
Contemporary Living Room With White Walls And A Standard Fireplace Orange Accent Chairs And Pillow Throws White Rug Medium Toned Wooden Floors
White Accent Chairs In Black Patterns Medium Toned Wooden Floors Beige Carpet Multicolored Pillow Throws Coffee Table Pendant Lamp White Painted Fireplace
Mid Sized Traditional Formal And Open Concept Dark Wood Floor And Brown Floor Living Room With Beige Walls, A Standard Fireplace And A Tile Fireplace
Large Transitional Formal And Open Concept Medium Tone Wood Floor Living Room With A Standard Fireplace, A Stone Fireplace, White Walls And No Tv
Mid Sized Elegant Medium Tone Wood Floor Living Room With Brown Walls And A Standard Fireplace Pendant Lamp Standing Lamp Black And White Pillow Throws Gray Sofa White Accent Chairs
Elegant Formal And Open Concept Dark Wood Floor Living Room With White Walls, A Standard Fireplace, A Tile Fireplace And No Tv
Large Contemporary Open Concept Limestone Floor Living Room With White Walls, A Stone Fireplace And A Wall Mounted Tv Wooden Accent Chairs
Huge Tuscan Formal And Open Concept Medium Tone Wood Floor Living Room With A Standard Fireplace, A Stone Fireplace, Yellow Walls And A Concealed Tv

Accent chair is one of the solutions to beautify your living room. Its distinctive look makes the chair to be the center of the attention and it can complete the look in your living room too. This article will give you ten perfect ideas to have accent chairs in your living room.

Pairing the Sofa with the Right Accent Chairs

Organizing the accent chairs and the sofa will give different look whenever you put them in different place. The right placement of the sofa and the chairs gives your living room a clean look. On the other hand, if you want to achieve less tailored feel, you can angle them.

Small Accent Chairs for Less Space

Small sitting place gives the illusions of bigger space in the living room, whether you have compact room or the wide one. Occasional seating takes less space than sofa. Probably you need to use this seating idea for better traffic.

The Right Fabric and Color Choice for Luxurious Living Room

Using a palette of linens and grays gives the benefit to your living room because this idea vibrates the luxurious feeling. The round mirror, framed in flower look, completes the beauty of this room.

Living Room Full of Reflective Surface

Having furniture and material that have reflective surface will make your living room to look elegant if you carefully put them. Try to work among the pendant, mirror, sconces and floor vases. The way they reflect light in their round manner will please your eyes.

VIP Living Room Look

This room is screaming VIP the more you look on the picture. The vibrant look on the living room makes the ambiance to be enjoyable to spend the night talking with your VIP friends. It is a good choice to throw a private party.

Blending the Material for Classic Elegant Living Room

The designer of this room blends the soothing and neutral palette with the natural wooden furniture to create the classic elegant living room. The rich tone of wooden surface range from the light cream into dark wood.

Layered Lights for Perfect Living Room Look

The key to make your guess to be comfortable is creating the mood lighting. The furniture in this living room are already filled with dark color so the owner uses the lights in some places to point out the beauties of your living room.

Gray Wall to Complement the Accent Chairs

You don’t need same furniture color to match the wall paint. This gray wall painted living room looks very beautiful because the color of blue accent chairs makes them to be the center of the attention. Thanks to the wall.

Accent Chairs in Room with Historical Architecture

Living room with historical architecture will need classic elements to make it looks fantastic. The arched ceiling can be harmonized by the Greek-style pillars. This is how you mix a traditional and contemporary furniture in a single room.

Blue Accent Chairs in Blue Themed Room

The blue accent chairs has light color so it needs help to balance the look. thus, the owner uses blue touched color in the pendant light, rug and table lamp. The room also has the paint of sea with light blue color to finish the light blue look.

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