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pink green white hexagonal accents, white chairs, white table Murs3D

Small Hexagonal Grey Accent On The Wall, White Chairs
Grey Geometrical Accent Wall, Bleu Sofa, Black Round Side Table, White Floor
Hexagonal Accent In White Orange, Pink, White Wall, White Floor, White Black Striped Rug, Wooden White Side Cabinet, Golden Floor Lamp
Blue Hexagonal Accent, Wooden Hexagonal Accent, Pendant, Light Blue Cabinet, Bed
Hexagonal Accent In Grey, White, Orange, White Cabinet, White Round Table, White Chairs, Grey White Rug, Wooden Floor
Bleu Golden Hexagonal Accent On The Wall, Brown Sofa
Grey White Scale Accent Wall, Beige Sofa, White Wooden Floor
Colorful Triangle Wallpaper, Matchign Patterned Floor, Grey Cabinet, Beige Sofa
Pink Green White Hexagonal Accents, White Chairs, White Table
Velvet Pink Chevron Accent Wall, Grey Wall, Grey Blanket

There are many things that can be done in making the room prettier or more interesting. You can play with textures, color, or style. Another thing that is quite popular but still not the first thing many people can think of is playing the wall. You can add details, you can make it pronounced with something contrast, or adding some textures. These below will show you how brilliant a room can be when people look closer to prettify their accent wall.

Colorful Wallpaper
The easiest way to make an accent paper probably is by using wallpaper. As it can come in so varied pattern and color, your preference would easily be found anywhere. The practicality of it too that makes it and easy and comfortable option.

Geometrical Lines
This one here is perfect for modern styled room. The geometrical lines look perfect with the style and the grey color is neutral it can blend into any modern look. This one adds texture to a room.

Small Hexagonal
Similar to the previous one, this one also puts geometrical pattern. This will also look good in modern room. The random embossed hexagonal makes an interesting details to the wall. The neutral color can easily make a great background that will make everything pop out.

Velvety Pink
This sweet pink is so beautiful that it will any bedroom looks brilliant instantly. The simplicity of the design makes it easy to blend to the bedroom while the smooth material brings out elegance and sweet ambiance.

Blue Hexagonal Accent
This blue hexagonal details really prettify the bedroom, especially with the wooden hexagonal combination that placed quite randomly. This placement, though, makes the wall look unique.

Golden Touches
Similar to the previous one, this one also puts hexagonal accents on the wall, even though in much smaller size. The color itself is the combination of blue, grey, black and gold, besides also put up an interesting textures to the wall.

Pastel Hexagonal
This one here is another hexagonal accent that can prettify your room. The soft and pastel colors make a soft ambiance around the room. This 3d accent also brings in texture and depth. Although the accent is pretty strong, the soft and pastel color makes it softer.

Scale with Style
This one here puts a strong and bold accent wall with beautiful scale in white, black and blue color. The 3D accent makes the room rich in color and texture and obviously adds more character to the space.

Indented Hexagonal
This accent is an interesting one. This one here combines the wallpaper and some 3D accent with indented hexagonal and hexagonal frame. The dining room in this one looks more lively and interesting.

Colorful Accent
If you love something easy in the eye but gives you lots of energy, this one here can do it for you. The hexagonal pattern is filled with cheerful colors that will brighten the room. With fresh green headboard and colorful pillows, the set completes.

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