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living room, grey floor, brown sofa, tosca velvet chair, blue rug, colorful nesting table, brown side table, wooden cabinet with yellow grey door, blue wall, yellow decor Retro to Go

Living Room, Colorful Rug, Gery Sofa, Colorful Pillows, Round Tray Nesting Table, White Wall,
Living Room, Beige Sofa, Colorful Pillows, Neon Green Coffee Table, Rattan Basket, Grey Wall, Bookshelves, Wall Decorations
Living Room, White Floor, Beige Wall, Beige Sofa, Colorful Pillows, Orange Table, Wooden Side Table, Colorful Paintings
Living Room, White Floor, Colorful Stripes Rug, White Wall, Baby Blue Sofa, White Square Low Coffee Table, Colorful Pillows, Colorful Painting
Living Room, Beige Wall, Blue Sofa, Colorful Pillows, Maroon Chairs, Glass Nesting Tables, White Orange Ikat Patterned Rug, Colorful Curtain, Yellow Table Lamp
Living Room, Grey Floor, Brown Sofa, Tosca Velvet Chair, Blue Rug, Colorful Nesting Table, Brown Side Table, Wooden Cabinet With Yellow Grey Door, Blue Wall, Yellow Decor
Living Room, Grey Rug, Dark Blue Sofa, Geometric Pillows, Green Cupboard, Plants, Wooden Side Table, Orange Wall Decor
Living Room, Floor Tiles, Colorful Patterned Rug, Rattan Sofa Pink Cushions, Colorful Pillows, Rattan Chairs, Colorful Ottoman, White Wall, Windows, Plants, Wooden Coffee Table
Living Room, Grey Floor, Geometric Rug, Grey Sofa, Yellow Chair, Light Blue Wall, Light Green Wall, Floating Shelves. Blue Cabinet, Entertainment Shelves, Nesting Tables
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Grey Blue Rug, Blue Low Tray For Coffee Table, Blue Wall, Blue Sofa, Yellow Lamp, Colorful Things, Rattan Chair

Small room always have more challenges to offer. Often times, decorating small room becomes limited because of the space. Every decisions need to think about the limited space. And it’s not seldom that decorating small rooms need to choose white and neutral color scheme. However, here below are some options how to arrange small living room into colorful and joyful rooms.

Colorfully Retro
When acquiring retro look, it is unavoidable to get more than two colors in the room, not to mention the bold spectrum ones too. Seen here is a small living room with bold tosca and yellow accents on the chair, table, accessories, and wall. Even though they’re all bold yet they’re warm. And combined with neutral browns on cabinet and sofa, it does not look too much at all.

Lanky Colorful Touches
Start with something neutral in grey floor, this room bridge the colorful room with light blue and green painted wall here. And starts from there, this small living room with glass windows and doors looks bright with the combination of yellow chair, geometric rug, grey sofa, colorful nesting tables, and blue cabinet. All are in balance of light and bold spectrum. As the furniture looks lanky, the room looks balanced.

Colorful Rug
Gaining colorful look without changing too much when you want to change the look of the room can be done from the rug itself. Seen in this one, the stripes colorful rug looks so pretty in supporting the colorful look with white floor, wall, and coffee table while the sofa and pillows are in softer notes.

Colorful Pillows
Another thing that can easily be added for a room to look colorful is pillows. Seen here, with blue sofa, the colorful pillows are looking popped out. Although, the combination of patterned rug and curtain indeed add whole more feeling to colorful touch.

Matching Pillows
Similar to the previous one, this one here has the power of color on the rug too. It combines wit the colorful stripes on the pillows. Meanwhile, the sofa looks neutral and the nesting coffee tables looks bold.

Colorful Things
Upon the blue wall, sofa, rug, and low coffee table, this small room here added many different colors and textures to the room and make the room merry and comfortable.

Comfortable and Colorful
Looking like just a normal and common living room, this one here combines Asian touch on the table, lamp, and pillows besides putting all the lively colors together.

Colorful Bohemian
Boho is probably one of the styles that support colorful colors. Although, it is usually with more earthy colors. Seen here below the earthy and warm colors are adapting well to each other.

Colors on Boho
Similar to the previous one, this one here also depicts the colorful touch on a boho inspired living room. with rattan sofa and chairs that looks thin, the room does not weigh too much. However, the colorful pillows and cushions are there to make the room more joyful.

Colorful Pictures
While the exotic pillows and accessories are already colorful, in this small room, the colors are added more by the paintings.

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