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living room with wooden flor, rug, white curve sofa, arylic curce chair with white cushion, white wall, white curtain, whaite and black fireplace, mirror Stephan Julliard

Hallway With Wooden Floor, White Wall, Acrylic Bench With Cushioin, Golden Accents
Bedroom With Marble Tiles, White Rug, Acrylic Bed With White Bedding, Windows
Kitchen With Dark Wooden Flooring, Dark Wooden Kitchen Top, Acrylic Bar Stools
Living Room With Wooden Floor, White Sofa, Acrylic Coffee Table With Curve On Its Legs
Living Room With Rug Flooring, White Chair, Acrylic Bookshelves
Vanity With White Table, White Lamp, Mirror, White Cabinet, Acrylic Chair With White Fur
Study Room With White Floor, Acrylic Table, Curvy Chair, White Table Lamp
Living Room With Wooden Flor, Rug, White Curve Sofa, Arylic Curce Chair With White Cushion, White Wall, White Curtain, Whaite And Black Fireplace, Mirror
Dining Area With Wooden Floor, Beige Wall, Windows, White Chair On The Corner, Wooden Round Dining Table, Acrylic Chairs, Chandelier
Living Room With Rug Flooring, Brown Chair, Acrylic Box Side Table

Among so many popular trend this year, one of the things that pops out quite frequently is acrylic furniture. Being the room as a completion of the room style, acrylic furniture is like a silent witness. It is there but without bothering the others because of its clear material. Although it seems like small space room will love it the most, it turns out that any room loves it. Here below are some beautiful acrylic furniture that might make you falling love too.


Coffee Table

One of the simplest uses of acrylic is in the living room as coffee table. And although it’s clear and one might think there’s no use in making any detail, the one here has curvy legs to support.


Side Box

Beside a chair, it would be really practical to have a table or a cabinet where things can be keep on top or inside tidily. Having it in acrylic will make this added furniture looks harmless to the weight of the look.


On Dining Chair

Not only that acrylic is used for small and simple furniture, it is also used in the dining chair. Minimalist style room will love this harmless furniture as it does not really stands out. However, the lights that reflected on acrylic material sometimes can make it more elegant.


In the Living Room

Although acrylic can look cold when it’s left bare, with fluffy and soft cushion, it offers a comfortable seating while also gives an interesting floating cushion.


Freely Decorated

As acrylic is clear, it is so easy to implemented another look to it. With a faux fur, this acrylic chair looks sweet and feminine. It’s quite flexible to get another look too.


Floating Books

While floating shelves have been in a great and long popularity, maybe it’s time to let the floating books to say hi too. With acrylic shelves, bulky looks can be avoided.


In the Kitchen

Having acrylic stool is interesting enough. But, having a unique shaped acrylic stools are even better. Surrounded by dark look of the wood, this ghostly furniture is not really ghostly as it looks really clear.


In the Hallway

Transforming a hallway into a simple and elegant look is easily done by this bench. Acrylic material used in the bench gives a crystal clear look that has golden accents.


On the Home Office

To get a really light look, acrylic table is in best use. With acrylic table, the modern ambiance is strong in the air, especially when the design is without any curve like this one here.


In the Bedroom

While the previous ones depict how acrylic is used in simple and light furniture, this one here shows how strong acrylic can be without being too bulky in the sight. Functioned as the bed platform, this one here matches perfectly with the fresh water seen in outside the windows. It’s clear and refreshing.

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