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acrylic side table in box, books, marble accessory, white wooden floor, white bed Melissa Mercier

Acrylic Table Lamp With Wood Inside, White Cover, White Side Table, White Bedding
Acrylic Round Swing With Pillows, Pink Rug, White Wall, Blue Ottoman
Acrylic Floating Shelves, Books
Acrylic Shelves, Wooden Floor, White Cabinet, Chairs, Books, White Table Lamp, White Wall
Acrylic Organizer For Make Up
Acrylic Console Table, Wooden Floor, Golden Framed Mirror, Grey Stool
Acrylic Bench With Grey Upholster, Rug, White Cabinet, White Bedding
Acrylic Side Table In Box, Books, Marble Accessory, White Wooden Floor, White Bed
Acrylic Ceiling Fan With Golden Body
Acrylic Lamp, White Ceiling, Black Wall, White Wall, Bed, Rocking Chairs

Acrylic has been an interesting material to use in furniture. However, because of its light weight, clear look, strong support, and cheaper price compared to glass, acrylic has been a popular if not favorite material that come to raise this 2018. As there are many things that acrylic can shape into, it can be in any furniture and decorations we have. Here below are some examples on how interesting acrylic can take shape into, especially in our bedroom.


Acrylic Lamp

It is so interesting to see that acrylic can turn into a beautiful lamp on the ceiling like this one. For those who love to recreate sky look, acrylic is one material to look for, as it won’t be as risky as glass to have, especially for kids’ room.


Crystal Look

As acrylic is so much cheaper compared to glass, or even crystal, it is more reachable to have too. This one here looks so beautiful with wooden pieces inside the acrylic. It gives clear and elegant look to the bedside.


Console Table

As for those who love to have their own console table in bedroom, it is a great thing that adding a console table will not weighing the room anymore. With acrylic, you can have the clearest look.


Side Table

Another thing that will come great with acrylic is side table. It will give a light look to the side of your table even though too many things are on it. With box shape like this one, not only you have table but also a shelf to keep your things.


Invisible Fan

With acrylic component, adding decoration can be invisible too. It’s like you don’t even put it there but you know it’s there. This acrylic ceiling fan will give you the best air circulation without a fuss.



Another best thing that acrylic can give is by turning into a shelves. Sometimes shelves can look so sturdy and bulky with everything it holds. But, with acrylic shelves, it will look simpler and lighter.


Floating Shelves

Next thing after shelves is of course a floating shelves. If shelves can look so weightless, floating shelves is even more. It’s probably more of floating books, if you decide to put books on the floating shelves.


On a Bench

Although acrylic does not look sturdy enough, it still can hold bulky weight. It is seen in the picture below with beautiful grey bench supported by acrylic legs. With this in your bedroom, especially a minimalist or modern inspired bedroom, your room will be completed.


Acrylic Organizer

Another popular use of acrylic is for make up organizer. As make up has been really popular especially in young women that a woman can have twenty lipstick, it is understandable that acrylic organizer becomes popular too.


Clear Swing

For those who love to have swing in their bedroom, swing is not as bulky as it usually looks anymore. It can look weightless too, like this one here.


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