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beautiful mural on exterior wall around an octagon window Pinterest

White Arch With Red, White Flowers On Orange Pot Carved
White Wall, Floating Pots With Fake Fruits And Flowers, Painted Bicycle
Beige Wall, With A Pot Of Plants, Mosaic Mural On The Near The Window And Connections Form Teh Pot
Exterior Wall With White Open Brick Look, Mosaic Wall On One Side, Pink Door With Mosaic Glas
Wall With Painted Stone, Plants On Pots, Hen, Chicken, And Real Wooden Floating Shelves
Wall With Painted Plants On Colorful Pots
Exterior Wall With Plants In Pot, And Painted Forest With Plants, Trees, Birds
Beautiful Mural On Exterior Wall Around An Octagon Window
Open Brick Stone With Mosaic Tendrils Of Plants
Mural With Mosaic With Plants Pictures

Exterior wall can have so many finishing. While it is beautiful to have a plain wall, for you who is bold, fun, and want to add a little story to the exterior wall. Mural is the best thing to do. It can show many things of your characters. Below are some beautiful examples on how exterior wall can be fun and joyful.

Green Look
With eco-friendly issue, it is a great thing to have green look too in the exterior wall. Seen in this one, except the wooden floating shelves, the stones, plants and chickens are all painted. It creates rural feeling perfectly.

Flying Bicycle
This one here depicts a cool imagination with flying bicycle that has two baskets of fruits and flowers. It is a beautiful imagination that kisd will surely love.

Creating Forest
With painted wall, forest can even be created. Seen here in the picture below is a beautiful image of trees and birds on the backyard. Accompanied by real plants and vines, this one here looks like a picture that comes to life.

Colorful Pots
Similar to the previous ones, this one too has plants on the wall. With colorful pots, these painted plants has given the wall a cheerful touch. This is perfect for you who love colorful touch, not only inside the house but also outside the house.

Mosaic Plants
While the previous one has painted plants on the wall, this one has plants on mosaic painting. With tiny piece of mosaic that has beautiful reflection, it fills this wall with colorful flowers and plants.

Beautiful Mosaic
While sometimes people only add mural with the wall as the background, this one here puts mosaic from top to bottom with colorful mosaic which still has easily seen as an image of plants and flowers. Accompanied with plants and mosaic glass on the door, it’s like the combination of the two.

Beautiful Connection
This one here has a really great idea. WIth real plants on the pots, it transforms the branch into mosaic mural on the wall to connect with the orange flowers on the windows while also making a pretty sight of tendrils.

Thin Branch
Similar to the previous one, this one also has tendril of plants. However, not as big as the aforementioned, this one brings the beauty to frame the door especially while giving a beautiful touch to the already beautiful open brick look.

Around the Window
Framing doors or windows can be the first thing to start with. It connects with the function of them and the shape too. This one here creates a beautiful frame around the windows that makes the windows part of the overall picture.

On Arch
Besides putting it against the wall, mural can also beautify the arch that leads to your home, either it is painted, installed, or carved. Seen in the picture below is a beautiful rush of roses from orange pots carved and one mosaic on the arch. IT has brought romantic and cheerful note to the view.

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