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light brown wooden study in alcove, upper cabinet, shelves with pink accessories, floating table with drawers, black office chairs Carribean Pic

Alcove Room, Dark Blue Wall, Dark Blue Floating Table, Built In Shelves, Pendant, Black Midcentury Modern Chair
Light Brown Wooden Study In Alcove, Upper Cabinet, Shelves With Pink Accessories, Floating Table With Drawers, Black Office Chairs
Black Painted Alcove, Brown Wooden Floating Shelves, Brown Wooden Floating Table With Drawer, Wooden Chair With Black Leater Seat
Wooden Alcove, Wooden Floating Shelves, Wooden Table, Wooden Cabinet, White Upper Wall, Wooden Chair
Alcove Between White Cupboardm Dark Wall, Wooden Floating Shelves, Wooden Floating Table, White Modern Chair
Study In Alcove, Black Steel Shelves With Wooden Boards Shelves, Wooden Table With Drawer, Copper Chair, Wooden Floor, Brick Wall
Study In Alcove With Wooden Box, Wooden Shelves Inside, Drawers At The Bottom, Black Office Chair
Study In Alcove, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Built In Shelves, White Floating Table, White Ottoman, Yellow Table Lamp
Study In Alcove, Wooden Table, Wooden Layer, White Floating Boz Shelves, Black Wired Chair, Brown Floor
Study In Alcove, Black Painted Wall And Cabinet, Built In Shelves, Marble Table

When you have alcove or a limited space between your big and heave furniture, you can use the space and turn it into so many things. If you haven’t got your own space to study or work in your own home, you probably need one so that you can open up your personal laptop and get your business done, and probably add some books too. Well, these ten stunning pictures will give you some inspirations on how it can look.

Shelves Table
For you who have this tiny space and you want to maximize the space fully, you can do it like this one here. It adds a shelves table that you don’t have to build anything.

Indented Study
If you have a tiny space that indented quite deep like this one, turning it into a study will probably one of the best move. When it turns into a study, it will give more secluded space and thus more focus time.

Black Alcove Room
This one here has a serious deep alcove that it can turn into a small study room. And inside the room, it adds a modern built-in shelves to support the room. With dark painted wall, the room offers concentration perfectly.

Between the Cupboard
Planning your own alcove between the big furniture like this is also so adorable and practical. This one here creates a small alcove for the floating shelves and table and create a nice study between the cupboard. In a bedroom, this will be a nice sight yet still practical.

Black on White
This black alcove is a nice little study space with black painted wall, floating shelves and floating table with drawer. You can put your books and have a working station for you.

Work Inside the Box
This alcove here shows an interesting study space. With wooden box, it gives boundaries and thus will give you the focus you need. With shelves inside the box and black painted wall, it will help you get the concentration you need.

Nice Shaped Study
This one here does not only create a study in the alcove but also an artistic space to get your concentration. With wooden lines from the ceiling to the floor that makes the table, it shows an interesting design.

Wooden Alcove
This one here shows an interesting natural look. With study space like this, you will be able to calm in your own thoughts so that you can get to your element to finish your business.

Light BRown
This one here shows a more fun yet still serious study space. The light brown space looks so neutral and calming while the pink accessories on the shelves make the space looks more fun. This is perfect for you who don’t like to get too much pressure in studying.

Black Grand Study
This one here shows a grand study alcove with a nice built-in shelves and marble table to support the study.

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