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anthropologie style bedding transitional bedroom unique mirror gray puffy button stuffed headboard colorful pillows three drawer nightstand Jamie Keskin Design

Anthropologie Style Bedding Agneta Quilt Bedding Stitched Floret Curtain Stitched Tippi Pillow
Anthropologie Style Bedding Lydia Bed Creative Living Solitions Feather Pillow Nice Beach Decorations Big Rattan Chandelier
Anthropologie Style Bedding Transitional Bedroom Unique Mirror Gray Puffy Button Stuffed Headboard Colorful Pillows Three Drawer Nightstand
Anthropologie Style Bedding Anthropologie Style Bedding Textured Chevron Duvet In Light Grey Comforter White Cushion Bench Molinara Mercury Glass Table Lamp
Anthropologie Style Bedding Tiered Lukas Pendant Coralie Bed Ardsley Duvet Luxe Fur Pillow Silken Current Pillow Finn Rocker Chair
Anthropologie Style Bedding Hand Tinkered Chandelier Bone Inlay Four Poster Bed Mother Of Pearl Nesting Table Temple Bells Throw Textured Chevron Duvet Tasseled Chanda Rug
Anthropologie Style Bedding Round Venetian Mirror Dip Dyed Pillow Murano Glass Chandelier Coralie Bed Ardsley Duvet Lattice Throw Rhys Chair Ziya Rug
Anthropologie Style Bedding Wooden Sidi Chandelier Hand Embossed Bed Stitched Sitara Quilt Marble Top Side Table
Anthropologie Style Bedding Large Block Darling Blue Wood Wall Art White Drapery For Patio Glass Door
Anthropologie Style Bedding Flat Ceiling Molding Ceiling Fan And Central Light Brown Shade Window Unique Ball Chandelier

Having a nice bedroom is a must for us. You can take a rest and sleep on your beloved bed. You can even do your work or enjoy reading a book in your bedroom. You should have a nice design and style for the bedroom furniture and decoration. You may also be confused on what style you should use for the bedding. You can choose your favorite bedding style. The following are Anthropologie style bedding Ideas that will inspire you to make an extraordinary bedroom.

Agneta Quilt Bedding

This Anthropologie bedding is suitable with the simple black bed frame with birds decoration. This bedding style consists of  Agneta quilt and stitched Tippi pillows. The bedroom window is also covered by stitched floret curtain. You can bring an ocean feels by the turquoise walls.

White Sea Theme Bedroom

This Anthropologie style bedding features Lydia bed, creative living solutions feather pillow, and white covers. You can choose wrought iron bed to last longer. You can have a unique chandelier and art vintage decoration. You can make a unique sea decoration with some starfish on the vintage door. You can also get a vintage table.

Cool Upholstered Bed and Nightstands

You can get the lovely upholstered bed and the super cool nightstands from Anthropologie. You can get this style for your bedroom. The accent colors will help you relax. For the small bedroom window, you can only use window shade. To get some modern feel, you can put some chevron pillow on your bed.

Comforter of Anthropologie Style Bedding

You can get a nice gray Anthropologie comforter for your bedding. It has chevron duvet textured in light gray. You also can put a bench for your bed with some patterned pillow on it. You should get Molinara mercury glass table lamps for the lighting.

Contemporary Guest Room

The bedding is a combination of Anthropologie style and custom made. Your bedroom can be mixed with modern and vintage decoration.

Anthropologie Style Bedding for Kid Bedrooms

Your kid’s bedroom will be prettier with the white duvet cover. It is suitable for the white headboard and calm gray bedroom. White color will not make the bedroom feel all stuffy and boring.

Cozy Attic Guest Room

This Anthropologie bedding features a hand-embossed bed, stitched Sitara quilt, and pillows. To beautify your bedroom, you can put wooden Sidi chandelier and marble top side table.

Creative Headboard

This Anthropologie bedding definitely has a calm art appearance. It features Coralie bed, Ardsley duvet, luxe fur pillow, and silken current pillow. There is a Tiered Lukas pendant for the bedroom lighting.

Nice Bedding with Natural Feeling

This Anthropologie bedding consists of a dip-dyed pillow, Coralie bed, and Ardsley duvet. You can put round Venetian mirror next to the headboard. The large glass window will give you natural lighting.

Natural Anthropologie Style Bedding

This Anthropologie bedding offers bone inlay four poster bed, orange temple bells blanket, and textured chevron duvet. The hand-thinkered chandelier looks antique and suitable for the natural look bedroom. For the ceiling, you can have painted wood ceiling.

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