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antique queen bed tufted bed tufted headboard wall sconces artwork white bedding glass doors grey curtains nightstands armchair Fiona Andrews Interiors

Antique Queen Bed Cowhide Rug Wooden Floor Wall Mirror Clock Table Lamp Grey Bedding Crystal Chandelier Glass Windows Wooden Desk
Antique Queen Bed Tufted Bed Tufted Headboard Wall Sconces Artwork White Bedding Glass Doors Grey Curtains Nightstands Armchair
Antique Queen Bed Green Patterned Wallpaper Green Headboard White Bedding Trunk White Nightstands Wall Sconces Green Chairs Area Rug
Antique Queen Bed Canopy White Bedding Big Wooden Round Nightstand Table Lamp Frech Glass Doors Beige Curtains Armchairs
Antique Queen Bed Black Framed Glass Windows Armchair White Curtains White Bedding Pillows Artworks Wooden Floor Area Rug Table Lamps
Antique Queen Bed White Bedding Table Lamp Floor Lamp Pillows White Curtain Window Wooden Nightstand Colorful Rug
Antique Queen Bed Chandelier Patterned Wallpaper Bed Canopy Bench Desk Chair Mirrored Closets Windows Side Tables Window Area Rug
Antique Queen Bed Rustic Chandelier Patterned Rug Chinese Nightstands Table Lamps Window Green Walls Beige Curtain Wall Mirror
Antique Queen Bed Pink Patterned Wallpaper White And Grey Bedding Wall Mirror Wall Sconces French Doors Side Table Armchair Grey Curtains
Antique Queen Bed Side Tables Area Rug Headboard Wooden Trunk Table Lamps Beige Armchairs Artwork Rattan Baskets

Bring back the charm of an earlier era in your bedroom by placing an antique queen bed. The antique bed often has unique headboard design and is completed with silk bedding. You should also make sure that you select the antique bed that matches with your overall design scheme. Although the antique queen bed creates a vintage vibe, you can get a comfortable sleep. Don’t be afraid of mixing the antique queen bed with some furniture items in different style. The following are some antique queen bed ideas that will inspire you to add a fabulous bed for your bedroom.

A Calm Tranquil Bedroom

Vintage finishing, unique canopy, and antique headboard create a classy bed in this calm tranquil bedroom. The white bedding is applied to make this bedroom look not too dark for a vintage bedroom.

The Classic White Bed Frame

Buy a classic white bed frame. An antique iron bed frame manages to look both comforting and romantic at the same time. This antique queen bed has a white finish that will not compete with other design elements in the bedroom.

Black Lacquer Bed with Gold Ornate Patterns

The beautiful beige ceiling in this bedroom is hand-painted with an elaborate decorative motif. The bed and nightstand come in black lacquer with gold painted patterns. Besides an ornate bed, this bedroom also has a wall mirror with an antique frame.

A Canopy Queen Bed

This black canopy bed provides beige valances and draperies that make this traditional bedroom so classic. The rod is removable so the fabric can be cleaned. More than that, this antique queen bed style is psychologically comforting.

Add A Vintage Character

An antique French bed with richly textured velvet takes the center stage, while the white walls and grey curtains melt effortlessly into the background. The bed also has a tufted headboard.

Unique Frame

This antique queen bed has a unique frame design. It is a forest canopy bed from Anthropologie that is so popular for its unique design. With this bed design, you don’t need many decorations to make the bedroom pretty.

An Antique Queen Bed in Green

Instead of some dark or neutral color to fill the classic bedroom. This one has the green tone that makes it so fresh and interesting. This antique queen bed also has a green Venetian headboard and white bedding.

A Shabby Chic Bedroom

If you are into a shabby chic design, this bedroom will be your inspiration. The metal bed has cute swirls in it. The antique chandelier and a giant mirror give a classy flair to the bedroom, but the wooden floor and calm tones on the bed make it homey.

An Industrial Bed

Wood and iron combination gives an industrial look for a furniture item. Layered rugs on this bedroom floors are arranged for interest.

Antique Queen Bed in Luxury Design

This bedroom is stunning. It features a canopy queen bed, a white shag bench, luxurious bedding, a mirrored closet, a white rug, a white desk, pink wallpaper, and a crystal chandelier.

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