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bedroom, wooden floor, grey wall, white bed, white classic chair, white fireplace with details, Timeout

Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Ceiling, Chandelier, Black Bed Platform, White Sofa, White Square Ottomans, Wooden Cabinet, Acrylic Table
Apartment, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Bedding, Black Metal Platform, Black Coffee Table, White Classic Console, Grey Sofa
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Framed Window, Black And White Bedrom, White Floor Lamp, White Sofa, Black White Coffee Table, Wooden Cabinet
Open Room, Wooden Floor, White Bed, Wooden Cabinet, Brown Sofa, Woocen Kitchen Cabinet, White Pendant, Glass Dining Table, Marroon Chairs, Glass Windows And Doors
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Bed Platform With Drawers, Beige Chairs, Pink Large Ottoman, Standing Mirror, Brown Rug
Apartment, Grey Floor, White Wall, Wooden Platform, White Bed, Wooden Coffee Table, Ottomans
Bedroom, White Wall, Grey Foldable Sofa, Wooden Coffee Table, Wooden Low Cabinet, Wooden Side Table, Grey Rug
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Bedding, Wooden Cabinet, Grey Sofa, White Floor Lamp, Grey Rug
Apartment, Grey Floor, Grey Wall, White Wall, White Bed, Grey Sofa, Red Rug, Wooden Cabinet, Silver Pendant
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Grey Wall, White Bed, White Classic Chair, White Fireplace With Details,

Having an apartment of your own can be liberating. You will be able to own all the space to your self and make the most of it. The space would feel really personal and nobody should question on how you make it personal. However, you would want to make it chic and beautiful that you will always feel comfortable with the limited space you have. These below are incredible setting to make apartment feel amazing.

Chic Bedroom
Having an open room would make the space feels airy and incredible. This one here sets the bed on one side and living area on the other with interesting angle. The floating shelves puts a light look along with simple wooden cabinet and grey sofa.

Elegant One
For an old soul, putting on elegant traditional look might be the best thing to do. If you want that, you need to see this simple yet elegant bedroom. The details on the rug, table lamp, and chandelier looks old but pretty while the neutrality on the seating and bed balance the sight.

Comfortable Bedroom
This one depicts on how a comfortable bedroom should be. With its comfortable bedding, nice sofa, pillows, and rug, this bedroom brings out fluffy look. And meanwhile, the warmth from the wooden cabinet and floor strengthen the room.

Round Bedroom
A nice architectural look is a privilege. With a nice one, you would win one thing already. And decorating the room, no matter how challenging, will always pay off. This one here puts a nice and warm look with white bed and classic sofa that look good near the white cupboard and fireplace.

Bright Light
Similar to the previous one, this one also has a nice architectural look. With its classic windows, the room is bright and dramatic. The comfortable modern bedroom inside brings a nice contrast to it.

Comfy and Open
This one here is another open room setting that is really inspiring. The bed and living area is part with cabinet and pole for TV and the rest of the room is as open as it can be.
With large glass window, this openness look so refreshing while still look comfortable.

Small Classic
If you get a closed room, you might want to put your personal entertainment inside the room. This simple setting is one to look for. The small console table and simple coffee table blends well together.

Low Simplicity
If you’re struggling with small and limited space, setting your place in a lower height can help create more airy feeling in the upper part. Adding some floor ottomans and table will allow you to get somewhere to eat and study.

Japanese Style
Similar to the previous one, this one here also puts the furniture low near the floor. The low sofa and cabinet set everything else to be on low level. This setting is commonly seen in Japanese bedroom nowadays.

Fluffy Look
This one shows a cozy look with nice bedding, chair, ottoman, pillows, and curtain. And all this is in soft and pale colors that make the room look even more comfortable.

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