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small kitchen, green bottom wooden cabinet, white wall, wooden top, wooden framed window, wooden floating shelves Twitter

Small Kitchen, Blue Rug, White Wall, Wooden Framed Upper Cabinet, Wooden Bottom Cabinet, White Fridge
Small Kitchen, Grey Floor, White Wall, Black Bottom Cabinet, Wooden Kitchen Top, White Upper Cabinet, White Floating Shelves, Kitchen Grid, Wooden Stools
Small Kitchen, Patterned Floor Tiles, White Wall, Green Subway Backsplash, Wooden Top, White Bottom Cabinet, White Sink
Small Kitchen, Black Floor Tiles, White Bottom Cabinet And Island, Black Marble Top, White Subway Wall Tiles, Wooden Floating Shelves, Black Stools
Small Kitchen, Hexagonal Floor Tiles, White Subway Wall Tiles, Wooden Beams, White Bottom Cabinet With Wooden Top, Black Stool
Small Kitchen, White Floor, White Bottom Cornered Cabinet, White Cornered Upper Cabinet, Wired Pendant, Wooden Floor, White Dining Table, Black Chairs
Small Kitchen, Green Bottom Wooden Cabinet, White Wall, Wooden Top, Wooden Framed Window, Wooden Floating Shelves
Small Kitchen, Patterned Floor, Black Bottom Cabinet, White Upper Cabinet, Wooden Kitchen Top, Dining Set With White Table, Wooden Chairs, Rattan Rug
Small Kitchen, White Floor, White Bottom Cabinet, White Upper Cabinet, Silver Fridge, Dining Set With Dark Wooden Table, White Chairs
Small Cornered Kitchen, White Bottom Cabinet And Shelves, White Upper Cabinet, White Wall, White Floor Tiles, Colorful Rug, Hanging Sheves

Kitchen in the apartment might look so small and limited but it does not mean that you cannot do anything to make it. With the limited space, it would be more challenging to create the comfort. However, the challenges is part of the fun. Below are some beautiful and comfortable small kitchens you can take some inspirations from.

Dark and Simple
Small kitchen is commonly colored in neutral. And that is understandable as neutral color does not make the room looks too cramped. This one here chooses white as the upper part of the kitchen and black as the bottom part of the kitchen. This simple arrangement makes the kitchen looks simple.

Warm and Comfortable
This one here looks comfortable and warm with the wooden framed cabinet. Another interesting thing here is open upper cabinet that support the warmth in the room and looks inviting.

Modern Small Kitchen
This one here shows that even though the space is limited, it can shows simplicity, modernity, and interesting touch. The simplicity and modernity are seen in the cabinet, neutral color, and the dining set with natural material. To make this neutral look, the patterned floor leaves an interesting touch.

Cornered Kitchen
This one here probably what is commonly seen in an apartment: a tiny space for kitchen. This one here shows a tiny space in the corner that looks simple, minimalist and modern. This setting with white bottom and upper cabinet allows you to store everything so that the kitchen looks tidy.

Plus Dining Area
This one here does not only create a comfortable small kitchen but also it adds dining area. The dining area is simple and minimalist that it can work for dining or studying. For a small dining event, the white stools are offered near the kitchenette.

Colorful Kitchen
Although small room is usually in neutral color, it does not mean that it should not add colors at all. This one here adds many bold and bright colors that make the kitchen feel brighter and fun.

Open Shelves
This one here offers friendly and inviting vibe with open shelves on the wall. The white subway wall tiles brings clean and modern environment in this small kitchen. The window brings fresh look and air. The simple island also offers a dining space.

Fresh Green
The interesting green bottom cabinet look so fresh and fun. Although the space is limited but it can add bright color inside. It is balanced with the neutral wooden material on the kitchen top and plate floating shelves.

Modern Small Kitchen
Similar to the previous ones, this one also uses neutral and modern look to make the kitchen looks comfortable with its small space. Black stools are also offered to make the space practical but still pretty.

Curvy Kitchenette
This one here brings small space into something with modernity, simplicity, and still able to give interesting touch on the floor.

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