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Small Bathroom, Grey Tiles, Brown Wall Tiles, White Toilet, White Tub, White Sink, Metal Rack, Mirror, Mat, Glass Window
Long Bathroom With Slope Ceiling, Wooden Floor Tiles, White Walls, White Wall Tiles, Glass Windows On Slope Ceiling, Mirror, White Toilet, White Sink,
Bathroom, Patterned Floor, White Tub, Grey Subway Wall Tiles, White Wall, Glass Windows, White Sink, Wooden Cabinet Storage
Bathroom, Grey Flooring, Black Stones, White Toilet, White Tub, Wooden Shelf, White Vanity, White Sink, Glass Partition, White Marble Wall, White Painted Ceiling, Large Glass Windows
Bathroom, White Tub, Golden Faucet, White Subway Tiles Wall, Fish Wallpaper, Grey Cabinet, White Sink, Golden Faucet
Bathroom, Grey Floor Tiles, Black Wall, White Tub, Round Mirror, White Toilet, White Partition Tiles
Small Bathroom, White Tiny Tiles On Floor, White Subway Wall Tiles And Walls, Dented Shelves, Built In Bench In White Subway Tiles
Bathroom, Briwn Floor Tiles, Rug, Large White Sink, Copper Shelves, Round Mirror, Wood Planks Wal, White Toilet
Bathroom, Wooden Floor, Wooden Floating Shelves, White Sink, White Wall, Mirror, Wooden Ceiling, Wooden Beams

Those who have small space know how much important any empty space is. Maximizing the use of a space is a must, even a space in the attic. Rather than using it as a warehouse where nobody seldom to come, renovating it into a gorgeous bathroom would make the commonly dingy space into a benefit to your house. These below are some inspirations on stunning bathrooms with slope ceiling that you can implemented on the attic too.


On Marble Wall

Marble has always been a beautiful and elegant choice in anything. Choosing it to be in the attic can make any attic flourish with beauty, especially white marble on wall like this. With its natural grey pattern, it’s mesmerizing. Combined with black river stones under the tub, it creates natural forces strongly. This white and black vibe is balanced on the other wall and ceiling too, with black and white color.


Small Attic Bathroom

If the attic has other room already, having a small bathroom is still possible. This one here can be squeezed in a small space. The white tiles on several kinds makes sure it looks larger with some accents too.


Cornered One

This one here is also a small bathroom. The space for this one is a long edge space so it can work for any long and narrow space in the attic. The best thing about it that makes this one does not look too gloomy is the glass window on the slope ceiling.


Spacious Bathroom

If you have quite large space in the attic to turn into a bathroom, this one can be a great example to be inspired from. The marble on the floor and shower area looks so endearing. And the glass window on the slope ceiling brings in maximum level of light that will make the room so bright.


Long and Roomy

This one here using a long and roomy space. It is interesting to see how it can turn into a bright and beautiful bathroom even with such a challenge like sloping ceiling. The large glass windows are great helps to make the space looks brilliant.


Rustic Touch

Even though an attic bathroom might be limited, it doesn’t mean that the style would be limited too.  This one here has rustic style on the small bathroom. The floor and wood planks on the wall and ceiling has a strong rustic touch.


Rustic Vibes

Similar to the previous one, this one here also goes on with rustic feeling. However, the rustic vibe here is stronger as seen in the floor, ceiling, and the floating vanity.


Grey Feel

This one is another beautiful attic bathroom that has many pretty details. The grey subway tiles decorate the wall on the tub prettily. The large glass windows shine the bathroom brightly, creating a vibrant place. The wooden cabinet is a great place to put your toiletries as well as some plants on the pots.


Black Wall

Although black closely related with dingy and gloomy feeling as well as the attic, putting a glossy kind of black painting on the attic bathroom’s wall turns out brings the cheerful side of the room to be reflective. And combined with white, the room brings out a black and white feeling pretty well.


Wallpaper on the Wall

Adding a colorful touch on the room can be done by adding wallpaper, with no exception attic bathroom. To avoid gloomy and dingy feeling, cheerful wallpaper can help you, like this one here.


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