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bedroom, grey floor, wooden floor, white wall, large glass on sloping wall, pillows, square low table Jurnal de Design Interior

Attic Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Wooden Sloping Wall, Stair, Bed, Sofa, Wooden Cabinet, Window
Attic Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Wooden Ceiling, Window, Bed With Wooden Crate Platform, Bohemian Swing
Attic Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Ceiling, Bed, Windows, Ceiling Window, Rattan Basket, Pendant, Wooden Beam
Attic Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Wooden Wall, Wooden Ceiling, White Bedding, White Curtain
Bedroom, Grey Floor, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Large Glass On Sloping Wall, Pillows, Square Low Table
Attic Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Windows On Sloping Ceiling, Grey Stool, Black Bed, Grey Rug
Attic Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Grey Wall, Wooden Ceiling, Wooden Beam, Wooden Bench, Wooden Chair, Bed, Large Glass Door, Grey Curtain
Bedroom, Brown Rug, White Ceiling With Golden Stars, White Wooden Paltform With Drawers, White Cushion, White Bench, Window, White Built In Shelves, Striped Curtain
Attic Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Grey Rug, Ebd, Grey Sofa, Coffee Table, Wooden Sloping Wall, Stair, Wooden Side Table
Bedroom, Grey Seamless Flor, White Wall, White Ceiling, Wooden Table, White Midcentury Modern Chair, Bed With Wooden Crate, Black Pendant

Attic can be turned into any room you want. you will want to turn it into a room that you need the most. You can turn it into playroom, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or even the combination of some. If you want to turn it into a bedroom, these ten adorable and comfortable bedroom will help you find some inspirations you need.

Study and Bedroom
Having an attic bedroom can be a blessing for a house. Added with large glass window, it won’ be a dark and humid room anymore. It will be a bright and warm bedroom. Putting study table in front of the window will help you to always feel refresh whenever you work. A simple bed with wooden crate platform can be a comfortable place to relax after a day of work.

Comfortable Bedroom
As attic bedroom can be in limited space, you might want to decorate it as much as you like. And if you love a comfortable look, this one here can be your inspiration to create a simple comfortable look. Created by some natural touch on the rattan basket, wooden side table, and wooden beams, this space offers warmth and

Two Bed Bedroom
While attic bedroom might be small, you might also want to use it for guests and add one more bed into it. This one here can be a great inspiration. With single beds near the wall, it offers bench near the window with built-in shelves. It looks so cozy and bright.

Under the Sloping Window
Room in the attic has an interesting privilege of having sloping ceiling. And that can open so many possibilities in interior design. This one here adds large windows in the sloping ceiling that it adds bed under the window. It is a sweet and energizing move.

Large Windows
Almost similar, this one here also puts the bed in front of the sloping wall with large glass window. It creates a sweet vibe to the room. With low wooden table and pillows on the cushion on the floor, this sweet arrangement can also entertain you and your friends.

Behind the Curtain
If you’re trying to have more rooms in the attic, this one here shows a practical and easy way to do it. All you have to do is part the bedroom with a white curtain. And the rest of the space can be used for other needs.

Comfortable Lot
This one here presents a comfortable look from the attic bedroom. Its wooden ceiling and beam sends warmth feeling to the room that is balanced with neutral wall and bedding. The natural wooden bench and chairs complete the look perfectly. With glass door, this room has the perfect light.

Under the Triangle
Even the very limited spaced attic like this one can create a comfortable bedroom with simple bed and bohemian swing.

A Complete Comfort
This bedroom here, although located under the ceiling, has a complete package of a bed, cabinet, sofa, and even its own attic that can be accessed with wooden stairs.

Comfortable Package
Similar to the previous one, this one here also has the package deal of a bed, sofa, coffee table, side table, windows, and its small attic too. It’s so comfortable you want it for your attic.

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