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Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Cabinet, White Ceiling, White Wall, Glass Windows, Glass Ceiling, White Marble
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Ceiling, White Sloping Wall, Table, Chairs, Bench, Blac Wall Kitchen, Black Cabinet
Attic Kitchen, White Floor, White Cabinet, White Top, Grey Wall, White Ceiling, Glass Windows On The Roof, Pendants
Kitchen, White Floor, White Wall, White Sloping Wall, Black Cabinet, Wooden Top
Kitchen Brown Tiles, White Wall, White Backsplash Wall, White Sloping Ceiling With Windows, Blue Cabinet, Blue Top
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Grey Rug, White Cabinet, Wooden Top, White Tiles Backsplash, White Ceiling, Glass Windows Ceiling
White Kitchen, White Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Subway Tiles, White Ceiling, Light Grey Cabinet, Black Marble
Kitchen, Stripe Floor, White Cabinet, White Planks Wall, Windwos, Wooden Kitchen Top
Attic Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Cabinet, White Wall, Wooden Sloping Ceiling, Windows
White Kitchen, White Sloping Wall, White Cabinet, White Kitchen Top, Wooden Floor

Attic or any room with sloping ceiling can be really challenging. Turning a beneficial room under a sloping ceiling, especially the low one needs to have some considerations. Especially when a room that is planned to be under the sloping ceiling is a room in which serious activities hold place, like kitchen. Well, here below are some inspirations in creating a great kitchen under the sloping ceiling, or usually the attic.

Open the Roof
One of the challenges that people will face in creating kitchen under the attic is the feeling of suffocation. And to reduce that, glass windows are the best cure. It can be on the wall or on the roof. Seen here is a kitchen with neutral modern look with glass roof.

Wooden Ceiling
One of the things that can help a low ceiling room have less suffocating feeling is by using white and neutral color for the room. white room will make the room feel more airy and larger. Added with windows, the room get brighter and even wider. Wooden accent in wall or ceiling can give an interesting note.

Small Kitchen
While an attic kitchen can have its own space challenge, with small space, it looks even more challenging. But this kitchen here can go through all the problems pretty well with its white look on the cabinet, wall, backsplash, and ceiling. A glass ceiling is not forgotten too.

On Ceiling and Wall
As a small and crowded look kitchen can be really depressing, especially if you love to cook meals, this one here does not want to just stop on glass windows but also glass ceiling. It brings the outside view even closer. It brings in the sky to your own kitchen.

Sloping Wall
The thing about making a kitchen in the attic is not only its sloping ceiling but sometimes also its sloping wall. When a room is with sloping wall, the space is even smaller. While it is usually left bare, you can use it for another function. Seen here, the dining table is placed across the kitchen on the sloping wall with glass windows.

Several Windows
As seen in the previous one, glass windows can help making the room feels more airy. And that is why a small space needs windows to make it looks brighter and wider. This one here located in a corner of the attic. Besides having a square glass windows on the bottom of the sloping ceiling, it also has glass windows on the other side of the wall. Furthermore, the room is helped with white wooden furniture that makes the room feel homey.

All White
Upon making a wider feeling kitchen, white is common to be used. And not only that, coloring the place in one color can make it like endless space, like this one here. Adding glass windows in front of the sink helps to make the room feel farther.

White and Black
If white is too common, adding a bold color to the room will make it feel different. In a good way. This one here added black to the color scheme of the room and with black’s ability to create deeper room, this one here looks wider still.

Sloping Windows
Similar to the previous one, this one here also adds some glass windows on the sloping ceiling to create brighter and wider illusion. However, it also brings blue color to the scheme.

Modern Attic Kitchen
Another method to make a room feels wider is by creating cleaner lines on the room. Without too much details. Also, simple look will make it easy to see things in the room.

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