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bedroom, wooden floor, white vaulted ceiling, ceiling windows, white cabinet, bed, round wooden coffee table Olivelse

Bedroom, White Floor, White Vaulted Ceiling, Bed, White Kitchen Pendant, Open Bathroom
Bedroom, Seamless Grey Floor, White Vaulted Ceiling, White Wall, Wooden Accent, Grey Wall, White Beams, Pendants, Glass Partition
Bedroom, Wooden Vaulted Ceiling, Wooden Floor, Wooden Modern Table And Chair, Bed, Bathroom In The Midde
Bedroom, Vaulted Ceiling, Blue Wall, White Ceiling, Wooden Beams, Bed, Wooden Table, White Chair, Wooden Bench, Wooden Table
Bedroom, Wooden Ceiling, Bed, Dining Table, Large Glass Window
Bedroom, Vaulted Ceiling, Wooden Beams, Bed, Bathroom, Wooden Table
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Vaulted Ceiilng, Bed, Black Chair, Glass Coffee Table, Wooden Table, Pink Modern Chair
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Vaulted Ceiling, Ceiling Windows, White Cabinet, Bed, Round Wooden Coffee Table
Bedroom, White Vaulted Ceiling, Bed, White Make Up Table, Bench, Glass Window
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Vaulted Ceiling, Wooden Headboard, Home Office

If you have a limited space under the ceiling, you would want to do a lot for it so that your space would be able to be used maximally. Or if you rent a loft, you would also want to decorate it efficiently beautiful. Decorating a limited space under the ceiling can be tricky as you have to put in bathroom and bedroom at the same time while also putting it aesthetically. If you need some inspirations, below are the brilliant ideas you need for to start your project.

Beams Ceiling
If you have the room in the attic to meet your purposes to rest and to work, this one below gives a great sample. The room is decorated with rustic wooden beams and matching wooden table, bench, cabinet and chair that it looks easy and comfortable.

Grid Accent
This one here puts more actions. It is not only meeting your needs but also prettify itself. The wooden accent on the bed area makes it look even more comfortable while the glass partition to the bathroom gives a fresh ambiance to it.

Bright Bed Area
If you have small attic when you want to put everything inside, you can see how well this one does it. The bed area is simple yet it has the beest light while the bathroom has more open ambiance with glass partition.

Fresh and Romantic
For you who love the romantic ambiance and rustic look, you would love this one. The minimalist setting has made the room pretty while having a nice accent of old exposed brick wall. The glass partition makes sure that the room would look large even though it has other rooms back there.

Comfortable Attic
This one puts a more modern and trendy details with long white modern cabinet with low height that is perfect for the vaulted ceiling and everything is more minimalist and modern that it allows the room to look larger and for you to breath easier.

Elegant Rustic
For you who love rustic and elegant look, this large attic would fits your preference. the wooden vaulted ceiling looks grand and with large corner glass window on both sides, the room looks bright and amazing. The dark green partition part the bed area and the living and dining area easily and prettily.

Fresh Morning
Having your attic room in a white and white setting would help the room to look more airy and larger. And with efficient setting, your room would feel comfortable and gorgeous that you would always feel amazing in the morning.

Shower in the Middle
Besides having to choose the right size and shape, you would also need to find the most unique touch you can have. This one here opts for the transparent shower box in the middle of the room.

Minimalist Attic
This is for you who love to rest in the attic because it can give you more space and distance from the world. You might want to have serene and calming place. And this minimalist attic would be your haven.

Lines in Modern Attic
This is another modern attic that has simple line details in the room. Although simple and subtle, the black lines in the partition, coffee table, beams, and rail make nice addition.

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