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living room with yellow sofa, grey sofa, black and white rug, white wall, black cabinet, black table lamp, flowers, scoces, beautiful white chandelier Jonathan Adler

Living Room With Brown Rug, Yellow And Blue Sofa, White Chair, Golden Floor Lamps, Golden Chandelier, Yellow Cabinet, Turquiose Curtain,
Living Room With Wooden Floor, Grey Sofa With Pink Pillows, Coffee Table With Glass Top, White Wall, Flowers, Interesting Pendants
Living Room With Blue, Grey Sofa, Orange And Green Chair, Wooden Coffee Table, White Wall, White Chandelier, White Tiles, Blue Rug, Black Shelves
Living Room With Brown Rug, Blue Sofa, Pillows, Light Blue Chairs, Golden Coffee Table With Glass Top, Interesting Chandelier Like Olympic Symbol
Living Room With Light Rgey Rug, Black Sofa With Pinkish Pillows, Coffee Table With Black Glass Top, Plant, Round Mirror, Pendant
Living Room With Yellow Sofa, Grey Sofa, Black And White Rug, White Wall, Black Cabinet, Black Table Lamp, Flowers, Scoces, Beautiful White Chandelier
Living Room With White Sofa, Blue Ottoman, Grey Rug, Grey Wall, Bulb Chandelier, Bulb Table Lamp, Black Coffee Table, Blue Pillows
Living Room With Yellow Stone Floor, Light Blue Sofa, White Chair, White Floor Lamp, Yellow Cabinet, Blue Curtain, White Wall, Chandelier
Living Room With Grey Rug, Green Sofa, White Stone Fireplace, Coffee Table With Glass Top, Mirror, Swirling Chandelier
Living Room With White Sofa, Blue Pillows, Coffee Table With Glass Top, Grey Ottoman, Dining Set, Interesting Chandelier

Talking about lighting fixture or lamp is always fun and interesting. It can come in any forms it can be installed in many places. It can have different effects depends on the shape, the light it casts, the colour, the material, and much more. Now we will talk about lighting fixture that will look the best in your living room, especially which hangs from the ceiling. This main lighting will define how your room will give the impression wholly. Well, let’s see some ideas to give your living room the delicious touch.

White Shells Hanging

In this picture, you can see the chandelier consists of golden thin thread with white round shells on the tip that will brings feminine feeling yet modern to the room. This will look good both in the day and night.


Web Chandelier

The word chandelier might remind you of the old chandelier but this thin and fragile looking is also called chandelier. And with its less grandeur looking, this kind of chandelier brings out the modernity to the room and looks simpler as it’s not as bulky.


Pangolin Covered

If you know the tropical animal of pangolin, you will get the idea of this lamp shape that looks like a pangolin curls inside. This silver pendant offers modernity to the simple, comfortable living room in the picture.


Golden Tips

Similar to the previous one, this one also offers you a pretty chandelier. The best thing about this one is that the tip is bulbs with golden colour with asymmetrical pattern.


Rings on the Chandelier

Still in the form of chandelier, this one is also a pretty one with rings on the joints of the branches. The rings on the joints make a pattern that might remind you of an Olympiad symbol.


Swirl of Lamps

This is another beautiful chandelier that will remind you of a swirl of diamonds or a tiara as it’s really pretty. With its amazingly beauty and elegance, it will help your living room to look like an important room.


Stuck to the Ceiling

With this one, even though it’s a chandelier, the lamps are all more like it’s been stuck to the ceiling that it gives the room less formal feeling, more comfortable ambiance to share.


Flowers on the Tip

One look to this lamp and you might think it has flowers to the tip. However, the flowers that sprout out from the centre is fierce and strong that it brings more stark feeling to the room. For a room that is already warm and comfortable, this one will balance it.


Clear Balls

This one is really interesting as it is placed so low you can touch it even though you’re seated on the sofa. And, the other interesting thing is that the table lamp is like a match for the clear chandelier.


White Flowers

Another flower from the chandelier, this one brings softer ambiance compared to the previous one. And, it is a great compatible for the comfortable room.

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