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bay window white trim white trellis window seat colored throw pillows cushions accent table Megan Nordin Designs

Bay Window White Trim White Trellis Window Seat Colored Throw Pillows Cushions Accent Table
Small Bay Window Frosted Glass Window White Trim Window Seat Velvet Bench Accent Pillow Yellow Sofa Open Book Shelves Area Rug
Bay Window White Trim Trellis Wooden Ledge White Curtain Greenery Bedding Brown Pillow Couch
Small Bay Window White Trim White Trellis Built In Bench Open Book Shelves Fireplace Bench Storage Ottoman Sofa Ceiling Lamp
Bay Window Grey Trim Tan Palate Tan Cushion Window Cushion Throw Pillows
Bay Window White Trim Window Covering Purple Ottoman Buil In Window Bench Lounge Round Glass Table Floor Lamp Area Rug
Small Bay Window Brown Trim Granite Countertop White Cabinet Under Mount Sink Ceiling Lights
Bay Window Blue Trim Blue Painted Wall Blue Cushion Window Bench Bedding Bench Storage Recessed Lights
Small Bay Window Built In Bench Wood Slats White Trim Glass Window Open Bookshelves Recessed Lights Area Rug Wall Sconce
Bay Window White Trim Window Bench White Bench Green Painted Wall Green Pillow Bench Storage White Area Rug

Attractive small bay window is needed to get the best spot for you to relax and enjoy the best sun lights. Bay window treatment can be suitable in any rooms depending on your preference. You will be mesmerized by these 10 designs of charming small bay window treatments.

Swan Lake Bay Window

This bay window is presented with white trim and trellis. Even though it looks simple, you will feel more than comfortable sitting in this custom window cushion with green and red accent throw pillow. It is a perfect place to have a rest and relax in your house.

Neutral Colored Room with Bay Window

With main color of white, this room has small bay window in white as well. It is designed with white trim and white window bench. However, the grey sofa and ottoman give the different touch of this room making this room a coziest place to have your family time.

Breathtaking Hill Bay Window

Overlooking the sea and the hill, from this bay window you will be able to see these incredible view outside. The interior design will give an inspiration to have window cushion with bench storage under it. You will feel more refreshed with the green painted wall and green pillow to complete this stunning concept.

Blue Master Bedroom with Bay Window

It will be heart warming idea to have master bedroom painted in blue with matched bay window applied. This small bay window has blue trim that is matched with the window cushion and its pillows. You will enjoy more to sit in this spot while looking at some green surroundings.

Mid-Century Bay Window

This bay window with grey trim provides you with the pool view outside. It is so heartening with the brown palate and window cushion. However, the bench is provided in light color of white which is matched with the wall paint making this look so clean and neat.

Mini Condo Bay Window

It is a living room with stunning frosted glass bay window. It has built-in bench with velvet cushion and some colored throw pillows. It is even more lovely with colorful furniture like yellow sofa and red area rug.

Teens’ Room Bay Window

This cheerful room with wooden panel and green window cushion has small bay window completed with open shelves. It will be a favorite place for kids and teenagers.

Contemporary Bay Window With Covering

It is a small bay window in modern open living room. This bay window is applied with built-in bench and lovely accent covering. There are some furniture that might be suitable to be put there like the lounge and the purple ottoman.

Sunny Bedroom with Bay Window

With the bed directly looking the window, you will be able to start your great day by having the sunny view here. The bay window has a wooden ledge that can be spot for some greenery. It is such a heavenly home feature.

Kitchen Bay Window

It is one of small bay window treatments for kitchen that can be your inspiration. With the brown trim and the ceiling lamps, this bay window is a perfect compliment for your kitchen.

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