The Interesting and Energizing Playful Colors in the Kitchen

kitchen, wooden floor, blue cabinet, wooden top, white backsplash tile, white ceiling, blue shade, blue pendant, black table set

Having colors in the kitchen can make the kitchen feels energizing and fun. Beautifully designed, it will make you feel always positive even if you face failure in your cooking. And these below are stunning kitchens with strong color playing


Warmest Welcome from the Entrance of the House

entrance, wooden floor, wooden table, wooden bench with brown seat and back, round golden mirror, red white table lamp, round pendant, glass vase

Entrance has a strong function when it comes to giving welcome to the guest. It also a place where a first impression is taken. And sometimes, first impression is the most important thing when you have just asked your friends


The Practical and Traditional Metal Fireplace for Small Living Space

living room, grey floor, white wall, hanging fireplace, traditional pendant, wooden curvy sofa, white built in window bench with pillors, window, white rug

Small space living room can be a trick thing when you also have to afford a fireplace in the room. It cannot be too big but it should be able to warm the whole room. There are many types of


Playful Color Blocks on the Bedroom

bedroom, plank floor in white and blue, blue bed area wall, wooden bed platform, floating side shelves, floor lamp, long pendant, white open brick wall

Color blocks can be used in any room. Using blocks of different color can make the room look unique and interesting. While bedroom tend to be neutral, it does not mean that playing with color will make it less comfortable,


Ten Pretty Bed Platform for Girls’ Bedrooms

kids bedroom, wooden floor, pink rug, hite metal bed platform with branch details on top, wallpaper ceiling, white plank wall, side table, tight chandelier

A good sleep at night is really important for everyone, there is no exception for kids. Even more, because they are kids, it is really important to sleep soundly. And a comfortable bedroom is what a kid needs. With comfortable


The Practical and Useful Pegboards to be Installed in the Kitchen

kitchen, black floor tiles, white pegboards on the wall and the surface of the island, yellow sconce, yellow stool, hanging shelves

Pegboards have been a really useful invention in the interior design. It is simple and minimalist looking but it can hold many functions. It can hold things on each wood trust on the hole and it can also hold boards


The Fun and Playful Kitchen in Modern Fusion

kitchen, wooden wall, striped rug, green wooden bottom cabinet, terazzo kitchen top, blue upper cabinet, floating shelves, white cabinet, white and green pantry

Although modern look loves to have neutral colors on the sight and tend to not using colorful furniture to decorate the room, but it does not mean that it is impossible to mix and blends modern design with colored touch.


The Warmth Radiates from Natural Rattan Pendants

some rattan pendants with different shape, white textured kitchen, white wall, white bottom cabinet, patterned floor, blue upper cabinet

The natural look has its own charm. Over the years, it can come back anytime. It is a long lasting look with warmth in it. Installed as a lighting fixture, it can give a beautiful finish to the room. Here


Ten Stunning Soft and Pale Look for Dining Room

small open kitchen with white dining table, pink blue chairs, white pendant, wooden cabinet, wooden kitchen wall, white wall, wooden rack, blue floor

There are many looks that we can try to decorate dining room. It can follow any styles. And it can also be decorated by color while following some styles. While bold colors can be exciting, these ones use soft colors


Looking Closely at the Stunning Details on the Bed’s Head

bedroom, patterned tiles, white headboard, wooden layered shelves, wooden square shelves and drawer, open brick wall, white bedding

Minimalist and modern bedroom can be really empty as it roots for the minimalist look. However, with a little detail, there will great change happened to the bedroom, even the simplest detail. Here below are creative addition to the bed’s