Embracing the Old Retro Look in the Bathroom

Old retro look is interesting with its own character. The color combination, the strong ambiance, the simple and complicated pattern, and the unique feeling make retro look is one of the kind. Retro look is not for everybody. Of course,


Incredibly Stunning Kitchen Island Ideas

wooden island, black floor, white wall, white backsplash tiles, wooden cabinet, brown top, wooden bench

When you have enough space in the kitchen, it is really Kitchen island can be important when you want to have a place in the kitchen where you can hang out, or just to add some more space to create


Various Beautiful and Comfortable Dining Nook

dining nook, wooden floor, white wooden vertical wall, white round table, wooden chairs, white bench with white cushion, black pendant

Maximizing the kitchen can be done by adding dining nook around the corner or nook. By adding dining nook, you would have a comfortable dining set that does not only offer a place to eat but also a place where


Mixing Old Retro Look in the Kitchen

kitchen, black white checkered floor, flowery wallpaper, blue cabinet, white top, white sink

Mixing old look in a room can bring back olden years to come to the room. It’s like putting a great time machine in the house where you can step in anytime you want. The mix can be according to


Decorating Small Balcony for Apartment

balcony, wooden floor, white wall, white wooden fence, wooden corner bench, wooden console table, white luncheon

If you live in an apartment, you might have been challenged by the small space. And the fresh you can get is the fresh air you breathe in the balcony. This too sometimes can be so narrow that you don’t


Creating Fun and Breezy Patio for the Summer

balcony, white floor, white wall, green swing, rattan chairs, table with colorful clothe, plants, rattan pots, pillows

Decorating your house according to the season can be fun. It allows you to embrace the season and everything the nature brings too. Thus, decorating your house in seasonal vibe can brings out even more the ambiance. Nowadays, the people


Creating Rustic Chic Vibe All Over the House

living room, wooden floor, white exposed wall, fireplace, brown leather sofa, simple wooden coffee table, white wall, white wooden ceiling with beams

A bit of rustic look can be really endearing and strong at the same time. It lets natural touches affect your room beautifully. It can shows some warmth and natural forces while still keep everything on low tone. It also


Helpful Small Shelves in the Kitchen

kitchen, white wall, white bottom cabinet, wooden top, white small shelves near the window

Kitchen will feel more efficient when it can help you move around in doing everything you do, like creating the meal or cookies. Putting everything in reach can be really helpful and adds comfort too. However, when your kitchen is


Beautiful and Comfortable Small Living Rooms

living room, wooden floor, purple corner sofa, white coffee table, shelves, pink chair, side table

Living room is a place where you want to feel comfortable so that at the end of the day you can hang out around the living room and enjoy your night. It is also a place where you want to


Interesting Patterned Tiles for Pathways

pathway, brown patterned tiles, whtie fences, green plants

While the interior of a house is important, the exterior is as significant as the other. The exterior will give some broad expectation for those who see on how the interior would be. And it is also the first impression