Fun Door and Entrance to Enhance Summer Look

entrance, pink door, white wall, blue velvet sofa, wooden floor, side pot

Summer look may not be in trend anymore in the Europe. But for Australian, summer is coming. And decorating the house to make it look fun is understandable. The colorful frame or decoration would prettify the space beautifully. The bright


Putting Fun and Cheerful Look on Sunny Dining Room

dining room, wooden floor, yellow built in bench, white round table, yellow wall, white window frame

As a place to gather and have a great time dining, a cheerful dining room would help making sure that people would love to stay and have fun. As a vibrant and cheerful color, yellow would be one of the


Sweet and Fun Pastel Yellow in the Bedroom

bedroom, wooden floor, light yellow wall, white bed platform, wooden round side shelves

Creating a fun and sweet bedroom can be done by using pastel color. It can be pink, blue or yellow. However, with yellow as one of the most energizing color, pastel yellow would be an interesting choice that you would


Cute and Sweet Mid Century Dining Room

dining room, white floor, white wall, wooden cabinet, wooden table, white pendants, blue chairs, white cabinet

For you who love mid century modern look, decorating in the simple line and design would be one of the best thing. Rooms with simple and yet beautiful lines would be your priority to have. Mid century modern look gives


Fun and Cool Nurseries for Children

nursery, white wall, yellow, white ottoman, white round rug, yellow cabinet

Nursery is a place where the children can rest as well as have fun. Putting their toys and study spots in the nursery would make their place feels so personal and comfortable. And to make sure that children would feel


Pretty Floating Shelves in the Kitchen

wooden floating shelves, wooden floating boxes, grey concrete wall

Making sure that your kitchen has everything it needs is important. Many kitchens are completed with top cabinet to make sure maximum storage. However, some kitchen that wants to look simpler and larger, omitting top cabinet can be one perfect


Traditionally Light Sofa for Living Room

wooden sofa with light green cushion, wooden floor, wooden dining set, wooden cabinet, wooden side table

Living room is a place that should be really comfortable. However, when you have to also think about your space, you might not be able to have the bulky sofa that offers maximum level of comfort. When your space is


The Natural Ambiance in the Kitchen

kitchen, wooden floor, white wall, wooden kitchen cabinet, wooden open shelves

Kitchen is a place where you will create and gather with your kind of people. And for that, you would want to have comfortable, warmed and fresh at the same time. This can be done by creating a fresh and


Lighting the Bedroom with Beautiful Fixtures

chandelier, golden lines, white details on the tip

Lighting is always an important aspect of the room. These days, nobody likes to be in the dark. It restricts their activities. However, lamp or lighting does not always have to be mundane. As there are many kinds of lighting


Rattan Furniture to Decorate Beautiful Rooms

rattan side table with drawers, rattan lamps

Rattan, besides woods, is one of the most popular natural material that people like to use in the room. The flexibility of rattan and the details it can create help to create an interesting look in the room. Furthermore, rattan