The Fresh and Stunning Vibe the Shell Chairs Can Give You

soft green velvet shell chair with rattan legs, wooden floor, rattan rug, white wainscoting, wallpaper

There are many kinds of chair shapes that can you choose to decorate your room. Each one of it will take part of determining the look in your room. You might want to make your room in harmony with fun


The Comfortable and Traditional Vibe in Farmhouse Bathrooms

bathroom with wooden floor, white toilet, white wooden cabinet, wooden top, white sink, wooden plank wall, white wall, floating shelves, wooden framed mirror, sconces

A traditional look usually gives comfortable and familiar vibe and that’s exactly what people try to accomplish in decorating their room in farmhouse style. They want the warmth in the pretty sight. And warm look can also be seen even


Stunningly Pretty and Beautiful Modern Cupboards for Bedroom

cupboard with white blue yellow color, lego style in bedroom with wooden floor, yellow chair, blue rug, low small stool

Although sometimes cupboards are put in a separate room from the bedroom, sometimes it is in the bedroom, especially when the space in a house is limited and cupboards in bedroom is the only way you can manage to store


The Purple Fever on Home, a Pretty Illness

living room in the alcove, large windows, white purple roman shade, purple sofa, purple ottoman, purple table lamp, side table, grey rug

Purple has been a great color that can meet both in soft and dark saturation. It has its own power in making the room large when it is used in light and making a room deep when it is used


The Comfortable and Classic Tufted Sofa for Living Room

warm pink tufted sofa with tufted back and seating, gass coffee table, grey rug, wooden floor, yellow curtain

Tufted sofa can give comfortable look in the room. The tuft makes the surface wavy and that creates a comfortable look because to make it perfectly tufted, a fluffy seating or back will be needed. Seen in these pictures below


Absorbing the Calm, Pretty, and Glorifying Parisian Style in Home

living room, basket weave flooring, white molding ceiling, tall glass door, sofa, vintage chair

Parisian style or French style has inspired many people to decor their home with the calm and pretty look the style offered. It is understandable that many people can be interested to this vintage look that offers calm and aging


Honeycomb Pattern All Over the House

white honeycomb shelves for room divider between dining room and living room

Geometric pattern of hexagon can be really interesting and it has its own popularity for being modern and decorative. Also called honeycomb pattern because of it’s similarity, hexagon pattern can decorate every inch of your house in any items. Below


Releasing Stress, Drink the Night Away

When people are stressful, sometimes a drink or two can help ease the problems. It can give some calm for the body and makes it easier to rest. Just a drink or two. However, sometimes, it is better to help


An Addition in the Living Seating Arrangements That Will Warm the Room

green velvet chair with plaid arm rest, black floor, green wall, triangle coffee table, plants, black simple console table

The seating arrangement in the living room might be consists of sofa only. That’s the common pattern. However, another common pattern would be adding chairs to the sofa to make more seating available for more people or to make more


The Conveniently Fun Study Space for Kids

kids study space with long modern wooden table with white legs, white modern chairs, wooden panel board on the wall, floating boxes for shelves, green board

Not only adults, kids also need their own space to do their study and homework. As a comfortable space especially created for them to study is essential to their academic hour, it is important to provide a convenient place for