Pretty Petite and Compact Dining Table for Small Space

small kitchen, white floor, white wall, floating shelves, wooden tall table, metal stools with wooden seat

Putting dining set can be quite challenging especially when your space is small. One thing that you can do when you attempt to have dining set with small kitchen is by adding island for a simple and fun way of


Bright Ambiance in the Bathroom with Yellow Color

bathroom, white wall tiles on shower area, white top table with white sink, yellow wall, hexagonal floor tiles

Yellow is always a bright and cheerful color that brings in fun to anything it touches. If you love to add some bold and cheerful touch, you might consider yellow as part the room. These below are some stunningly cheerful


Vintage Ambiance in the House

dining room, wooden floor, white pink wall tiles, yellow round table, green chairs, pendant, purple shelves

Vintage ambiance can come and go in the trend. However, for those who just love the ambiance would love to have it in the house. And if you are this person, who love vintage look, you might want to have


Small and Compact Spot to Dine at Home

white table mounted on the wall, wooden stools, white pendant, wooden floor, silver cabinet

Small space is always a challenge. However, it can be a fun challenge when you know you can overcome it successfully. These ones here are ten pretty tiny spots to dine in the house perfect for you who have small


The Pretty Open Closet for Storage and Decorations

white rack shelves, white rug, white bed, white wall, flower accessories, rattan plant pot

Storage can be a challenging problem, especially when it feels too crowded when you want to feel loose. One of the best solution for this is adding open closet in the room. Not only that it will add storage, it


Modern Bathroom with Interesting Black Floor Look

bathroom, black hexagonal floor tiles, white subway wall, wooden cabinet with white top, golden framed mirror, black floor shower, wooden bench

Creating a comfortable and clean bathroom can be challenging. However, with modern look, the problems are solved beautifully. As modern setting tends to bring clean lines and tidy look, decorating with the simplicity of modern look can make your bathroom


Beautiful Nice Round Dining Sets for a Sweet Look

dining set, wooden floor, white tulip table, wooden chair, rattan seat

A nice dining set will bring the best time in enjoying meal in the house. Be it with your friends or your family, dining time is always special. And if you love the sweet and warm dining set, you would


Woven Chairs, A Way to Give Pronounced Natural Beach Look

woven rattan corner bench, white cushion, white pillows, white seamless floor, wooden round tray table, pendant

Illuminating a warm and comfortable look in the living room can be done in many ways. One of the most interesting ones is by adding woven chairs or sofa in the room. The natural and manual feeling of the woven


Clean and Simple Minimalist Bedroom for Tidy Look

bedroom, wooden floor, white wall, wooden bed platform, black floor lamp, wooden cabinet, grey rug, rack

For those who love clean and tidy look, minimalist style would be the best option to decorate the rooms, especially the bedroom. As bedroom is the most private room where anyone would love to relax with themselves, putting the best


Modern Warm Living Room to Gather the Family and Friends

living room, grey seamless floor, white wall, wooden shelves, yellow chair, blue chair, green chair, light yellow ottoman

Living room is a place where you want things to be warm and feel alive. This is a place where you would be able to watch TV, entertain your guests, and having a nice conversation with your family. It is