Getting Close to Talk One-to-One

pink velvet chairs, marble round coffee table, round mirror with golden accents,

In the living room, we would want to create comfortable living room. There would be sofa and chairs. However, if your job or position in the society might make you greet guests where you need to talk seriously, you will


Study in the Modern World

green study desk, acrylic handler and legs, white chair, table lamp

Doing your work at home can have many challenges. At home, you would likely feel so comfortable that sometimes you have some difficulties in concentrate in doing your work or study. However, it is also supposed to be comfortable as


Small Corner to Get Ready

wooden desk with curve, half round mirror, yellow chair

If you love to make every corner of your bedroom as functional as possible, you might want to get your space fulfilled with anything you need efficiently. If you love to get ready in the bedroom, you will want to


Time to Have Some Naps!

baby room, wooden floor, white wall, blue wall, white cushion, black round box, slide

Baby and children needs their naps. It is essential for their growth. Napping is what children needs to have everyday. And for that, they will need a comfortable place. When children are sleepy, they seem like they’re okay sleeping anywhere,


Blushed and Fun Pink Bathroom to Help You Relax

bathroom, pink patterned wall tiles, white wall, white toilet, white sink, tall long mirror, bamboo stool

Pink can bring so many kinds of ambiance. When it goes soft, it brings out calming and sweet look but when it comes out strong, it brings out strong and cheerful look to the room. If you love pink, you


The Glam and Elegant Marble on the Kitchen

kitchen, wooden floor, pink marble island, wooden cabinet, white marble wall

Putting elegant ambiance in the room can be fun and challenging. However, with marble, it seems like it is so easy to create the luxurious and elegant ambiance. The natural material brings gracious and patterns to the room that can


Cool Accents to Add on the Wall of Minimalist Bedroom

bedroom, white wooden floor, black wall, white wall, black grid headboard, black headboard, wooden side table

Although minimalist room can be really simple and, well, minimalist, it does not mean that it cannot have accents and details.Sometimes because you room is minimalist, you would want to make the room more interesting so that it would not


Creating Children’s Comfort in the Bedroom

bedroom, pink wall, grey headboard, white lantern pendants, white round coffee tbale, white sofa, white rug

Children are priceless. They are pure and they are what we shape them to be. But they are not our own, they need to be their own selves. And that is why it is parents’ job to make sure that


Colorful and Playful Shelves for Children

bookshelves, colorful boards, white cabinet, round indented spacein the shelves to sit

Children have always wanted to have everything in colorful and cheerful setting. They need to see that their world is fun. And if you are trying to build reading habit for your children, you would want to make their experience


The Comfort and Warm Traditional Dining Set

dining room, grey floor, white wall, wooden long table, chairs, white bench, floating shelves

If you love a traditional ambiance in your home, you would love to have a dining room that can be a comfortable place for your family to have some quality time over dinner. To have your comfortable dining room, you