Beautiful Exotic Tropical Looking for Living Room

living room, white floor, brown rug, bamboo bench with cuhion, bamboo cofee table, rattan hanging chair, plant, wooden side table, large glass window

Happiness can be brought to living room through cheerful items that will make the room warm and inviting. These below are exotic tropical looks for living rooms. They accentuates more relaxed and comfortable look in the living rooms. Earthy Living


Naturally Unique and Good Shelves for Your House

round rattan bookshelves with uncomplicated patterns

While we’re still talking about furniture from natural material, let’s talking abut the shelves from wooden or rattan too. Have been a familiar shelves from old generation in a country like Indonesia, shelves from wood or rattan are genuinely pretty


Eco-Conscious Cupboards to Take Into the Bedroom

tall rattan cupboard with curvy top, drawers below

While it’s still fresh talking about eco-friendly furniture, it is the right time to show some stunning cupboard built from natural material like wood, rattan, bamboo, etc. And if you care about the nature to the level of thinking about


Falling in Love in the Details of Rattan Coffee Table

square rattan box for coffee table, rug, white sofa, white wall, white shelves, fireplace

Along with the trend on eco-friendly furniture, coffee tables are having its own moment in participating eco-conscious festivities. And it is seen in the bloom of so many rattan woven coffee table designs. And here below are some beautiful rattan


Rattan Cabinet for Eco-Friendly Look that You Will Envy

tall wooden cabinet with rattan door, wooden legs, wooden floor, rattan chair, rattan rug

With the rising of eco-conscious life habit, so many of our life aspects have gradually changed, and interior is included. Many people start to want more eco-friendly furniture that when it has its due, it will be degradable. And natural


Greenery in the Living Room You Will Love

living room, white floor tiles, white wall, green sofa, round nesting table, wall decoration

Green can bring refreshing feeling to any room. Bringing green into the living room will help you getting a bit of feeling in following the trend of environment friendly. And if you have your living room painted in another color,


Calming and Relaxing Danish Interior for the Dining Rooms

dining room, grey floor, sage green chair, wooden table, wooden divider, white long pendants, lighr grey wall

Danish interior style is still a favorite for so many people. Despite the outburst, people still want to have it in their home. Because, well, it looks neat and modern and practicality is still what people going after now. And


Peeking on Multi Function Ladder for Shelves and Table to Save the Space

two ladders with shelves, white board for table between, brown floor tiles, white tiles, marroon chair

If you live in a small space and you have limited space to work on, you would need multi function furniture that can help you gain several function in one. Or, if you just love to make everything in one


Colorful Hammocks for Colorful Year

orange hammock on the patio with plants

Hammock has been one of the best thing to relax on. With hammock, we can lie around and enjoy the day, taking a nap or swinging. And not only that it is a great item to have some relax, it


Earthy Stunning Vibes to Create in a Kitchen

kitchen, wooden cabinet with risen wooden drawer, white wooden floating shelves, white marble counter top, white wall

Creating a natural earthy vibe in a room can set a better mood. A refreshing and natural feeling would be radiated easily. Thus, doing it in a kitchen will also raise the mood when you create and cook or even