Surrounded by Beautiful Greens in the Living Room

living room corner with grey wall, wooden floor, grey chair, wooden cabinet, shelves, black table lamp, plants, golden ceiling accessory, rattan rug

As we have discussed about indoor plants and the shelves to beautifully decorate the room, now we can talk about how a living room can be really pretty with all the plants inside. With its calming green color, you will


Refresh the Indoor Air with Ponds Inside Your House

a medium sized pond inside the house under the stairs with nude base, beige tiles around

There are many options that we can do when we try to make our home feels fresher and airy. One easy thing is by having enough air circulation, letting your windows offering the breeze as well as the light. Other


Arranging Every Thing You Need Inside a Small Laundry Room

small laundry room with green wooden wall, two machines, shelves on top for cleansing liquid, detergent, baskets, and clean clother

In this modern days, laundry is not a big problem anymore. You don’t have to scrub your own clothes. We have the machine for that, thank God. And for that, we also can save the space in our home. We


Color Paint Roles in Defining Small Bathroom

small bathroom with grey tiles, pink painted wall, white cabinet, white toilet, off white tiles

Small space has always been a challenge to everyone. It needs more creativity to make everything you need is enough in one space without making it too cramped. You will need to choose your furniture more carefully and also choose


Working Freshly and Diligently at the Windowsill

small simple window with two door, long low wooden table, low wooden chair

While having dining and reading nook might be the most favorite thing to have while you have free space near the windowsill, if your priority has always been working and studying, a study can also be set up near the


Stunning Wall Shelves Pots for Plants that Will Beautify Your Room

While the previous one is talking about plants planters on the table, this one here will discuss about wall planters which actually do not lose from the beauty of table planters. With the wall planters, you do not have to


Beautiful Table Pots that Will Change Sulky Face to Smile

dark cube metal flower planter

If you love plants indoor, you might not surprised by how many kinds of beautiful plant pots that can be really beautiful. However, if you don’t like to garden, you will be surprised how something small like plant pots can


Having Dinner Out in Your Own Sunroom

sunroom with amazing glass ceiling, wall, nude tiles, nude wooden dining set, ceiling fan

Sunroom has been many people’s favorite place in the house. With its glass window that enable you to enjoy your outdoor surrounding, it’s like bringing the outdoor to your indoor. And that’s why sunroom is usually favorite place to enjoy


Stunning Sliding Doors to Beautify Your House

wooden sliding door with raw look and slab

There are many things you can do to make separation or entrance in each of your rooms. You can make it as common as you want, or make it interesting. It’s all on your decision. However, if you want to


Beautiful Open Kitchen and Living Room for Small Space

open space with white wall, brown flooring, white cabinet, black lamp, grey sofa, grey rug living space

If you have small space, you would have your own challenge to furnish your house with everything you need without making your house feel cramped or forgetting the beauty of your house. One of the methods you can do is