Acquiring the Best Sofa to Relax and Take a Nap

square blue velvet daybed, white seating, pillows, pink blanket

Having the best sofa means having the most comfortable sofa that you can sit around or even take a nap. It is important to have the sofa that can support what you want from the fluffiness and the size. And


Getting Cozy in the Corner of the Backyard

backyard corner, rugs, rattan ottoman, crate bench with cushions, pillows, wooden wide table, lamps, plants

Having a backyard is a bless. And to be able to decorate it the way you want it is a privilege. While you can leave your backyard untended (it’s a choice), you can do otherwise. Backyard can turn into a


Arranging Two Levels Apartment for Yougnsters

two levels apartment, wooden floor, bedroom on the upper evel with glass rail, living room with grey sofa, kitchen with open brick island and black chairs at the bottom

Apartment can be really challenging. Every space has its own challenges. The large one might serve less challenge but it takes more spending to fill the room. The small space offers more challenge on how you can arrange everything you


Finding the Beautiful Partition for the Kitchen

dining nook, wooden table, rattan chairs, bench with plaid cover, glass partition, wooden floor, pendant, ceiling lamp, kitchen wih white cabinet

While you can put partition in anywhere in the house, putting partition in the kitchen is really a common practice as it has another room that cannot be separated, the dining room. And below, you will be able to see


The Modern Art of Subtle Glass Partition

glass partition with black metal lines pattern, white ceiling lamp, towel holder

Partition can help one room to be separated from another room without having to build a sturdy wall. With partition, the room and house will feel lighter and fresher. And that’s why it is a perfect option to pick when


The Pretty Lines in Square Dining Nook

dining nook, white built in bench, square wooden table, black chair with rattan seating and back, windows, sconces

Dining nook has been a charming items in the kitchen especially when it has small space and put in the corner. When the space is limited, round table is chosen as it can hold more without using too much space.


Gorgeous Adornments in the House with Window Seats

window seat, low and large window, wooden planks layered, wooden ceiling, narrow shelves on the side

Window seats have been used in the house since so long time ago. The reason is more than because of it’s pretty. It is practical and comfortable. Having window seat usually means you have large windows and that means better


Stunningly Beautiful Contemporary Look in a Bathroom

bathroom, white top vanity, wooden posts, black metal support, black metal racks, big round mirror, black floating shelves, black faucet, tiny square wall floor tiles

Creating contemporary in the bathroom can be challenging but it is a fun thing to do. If you love contemporary look but you want to try in one room, bathroom is probably one best option you can pick. Commonly being


Fun and Interesting Playroom Inside the House

playroom, white floor, grey cushion on the floor, sloping ceiling, tent, pillows, rattan vase, toys, round swing

Kids always need their playground. They need to explore what they can do. If your house is near a children friendly park, that would be awesome. But if it does not, creating your own playroom might be fun too. That


How to Put Children’s Books Interestingly

floating brown wooden shelves, white wall, wooden floor, white boxes shelves, bench, pillows,  rug,

Bookcase is an important item in a house especially where people who live in the house love books. Teaching the kids to love books also means that there would be even more books, especially children books. However, children books are