Small Bathroom with Walk In Shower

white small bathroom with white ceiling, flooring, walls, white toilet, white cabinet, glass partition, glass window

There are many ways in making small bathroom to have as much space as possible. One of them is blending the color. You can try to choose what color you would like to have for your color. If you want


Table on Side of Your Sofa and Bed for Small Room

mushroom side table from brown wood

In a small room, usually people like to have practical furniture in small size so that there will be much more space left. Although not always like that as some people sometimes love to have big furniture in their small


Lounge Chair for Longer Rest and Longer Time to Relax

black leathered lounge chair with wooden legs

Lounge is a long chair that can be used for relaxing. It dates back in the Egypt time where people were use it as a mix of chair and daybed. The Roman also uses it to sit back in the


Where You Sleep at Night in Your Studio

unfolding bed with thin thickness installed on the wall near the sofa

If you have a studio apartment, you know how it feels to have small space: you have to really consider what you can and cannot go into your rooms even for all the things you need. And that is the


More Secluded Space for Hanging around with Friends, Family, and Food

banquette set with maroon sofa with white bench, beige couches, round dark wood table with stainless steel legs

For you who like to have some romantic way of eating your food or you just like to have small space to you and your companions, you might like the space banquette dining set will give you. In the secluded


Railing to Beautify Your Front Porch

black metal railing in vertical lines and ornamental

Having beautiful front porch railing can complete the look of your beautiful home. What you choose to be your railing will also determine how your home looks. But, above all, railing should also be practical and meet your need. When


Beautiful Practical Wall Bookshelves for Your Home

white long wall mounted book shelves

Bookshelves can be pretty and practical things to have in your home. And for those who love to read, books are treasures. And treasures are supposed to be kept safely and if possible, beautifully. Of course, the most precious treasure


Much Storage to Your Need and Liking in Tiny Bathroom

bathroom with white wall, white toilet, white wooden framed mirror, turquoise cabinet

One the challenges on small space room is on how the storage would be. Because, the smaller the room, the more calculation we have to do on putting stuffs on it. Let alone the storage space, even the toilet and


Bring All the Fun in the Game Room

game room with billiard table, couples of table set, white pendant lamp

Having a special room for gaming only is probably what fun people mostly want. Having a room to contain only the fun you are about to have with your friends probably what you really need sometimes. And for that, you


A Kitchen Corner Lively in Design and Colors

corner kitchen bench with white wooden bench, wicker chairs with white cushion, white industrial pendant

Having a corner or nook to read is what a person who loves to read long for. And for those who love to cook and eat, having a corner to eat is probably one of the best things. Corner bench