Different Blue Shades in the Bedroom with Different Tales

bedroom with blue walls, white ceiling, warm yellow rug, white bedding, blue bed cover, wood cabinet, table lamps

Blue has been characterized as a calming, deep, intelligent, trust and faith. It can slow your heart rate too. Having blue in your bedroom might be a great choice of color. For someone who already loves blue color, having a


Slide Your Curtain for More Privacy

decorative chain curtain

For some room that is too large to be just one room, it needs divider when the owner wants to part one room to another. Some people will just go with an open room but some other people want the


Gorgeous Room Divider with Beauty in It

wooden rails divider

For a small house, it can be too crowded to have wall as room divider all the time. Sometimes people want to have less solid divider for a change so that the room will look airier and less crowded. With


Bring Wildness in Your Safari Rooms

bedroom for adults with wood flooring, dark wood beding, white linen cover, white curtain, white ottomans, white sofa, beige wall, plants, dark wood side table, table lamps

It is not difficult to have a room with safari theme. The key of safari theme is the animal and the plants. And if you only accomplished one of them, you can still create safari theme in your room. Here


Marking Your Private Space, Enjoying Your Time in Hot Tub

rustic built in ground hot tub with tall stone wall and cedar wood ceiling

Some people like to have their hot tub open, both in nature and sometimes in people’s eyes too. But not all people feel comfortable with that. Some people love to enjoy their hot tub in more private area. Some people


Horizontal Wood Paneling Applied in Different Rooms

brown horizontal wood paneling in bedroom

Designing wood paneling in your home can be fun. There are several things to decide: the color you want, and how it will be installed in your room, vertically or horizontally, where you want it to be installed, whether in


A Bench in Your Dining Sets

Indian dining room sets of wooden chairs and wooden table in blue yellow paint

Having dining sets is a thrill one can do for the dining room. It is where everybody gathers to eat in their own chairs and share their stories in the morning and in the afternoon. For something that needs comfort,


Wild Forest in Your Living Room

living room with zebra pattern ottoman as table, brown sofa, dark brown leathered couches, dark wood side table, white table lamp

If you like animal, you might like to have safari theme decor in your living room to show people that you care about animal. To have safari theme living room is so easy. You can only have zebra pattern rug


Beautiful Ideas on Airier and Brighter Vaulted Ceiling Living Room

rustic living room open to kitchen with white vaulted ceiling with wooden beams, brown furniture, long barrel vaulted ceiling on the aisle

Having vaulted ceiling can be really fun especially for you who love rustic theme, as you can expose the wooden beams better, and you who just love airier and larger room. With vaulted ceiling, living room can be crowded when


House Exterior Painting, from Simple to Modern

modern exterior paint with grey, yellow and white on the wall, red on the door

If you are concerned with the look of your home from outside but you can do nothing about the architecture, one thing you can do is by choosing the right color combination. Choosing the right color will determine how your