Small and Clean Dining Table Set for Apartment

white round dining table with several chairs, wooden floor, rattan covered pendant, white wall, white cabinet

In a small apartment, having everything in the right size is important. Sometimes, as it’s too small, it cannot afford a dining place. However, if you’re up for a dining table set, the small, sleek, pretty dining table set can


Admiring the Magic of Beautiful Wooden Stairs

wooden stairs with half step on the right, metal railing on the wall and on the left, wooden floor, white wall

Stairs are made to connect levels at a house. While it can be made of tiles and it is safe. It can also be made from another material, say wood. With wood, it is easy to look beautifully natural and


Peeking on Gorgeous and Comfortable Small Living Rooms

small living room, grey tiles floor, white wall, sofa covered with blanket, pillows, rattan rug, glass sloping ceiling

Living room probably has always been a favorite spot for everyone to spend their time having a nice talks with the family and friends while catching up with news, or hold a movie night. Living room is not just a


Creating a Familiar Look in Living Room with Retro Nuance

retro living room, wooden floor, wooden chairs with light blue cushion, blue coffee table, white wall, wooden cabinet

Creating a look in a living room is fun. There are so many things that can be thought of. In making a retro look, there are many aspects that can help to acquire the look. It is because a classic


Adding Wooden Accent with End Table in Living Room

dark wooden compacted end table with pocket, shelves with basket, sliding table

Living room is always fun when it looks comfortable. Cozy and warm living room always looks inviting. The fluffy pillows, sofa, warm colors, are some of the things that can make a living room. Another thing that can help a


Gorgeous Nursery Ideas for Limited Space You’ll Love

small nursery, white rug, light grey cot, white light grey cabinet, white woven basket, white wall

Nursery has been a great importance for those who are expecting. It is the preparation to welcoming baby in the house. As baby can grow so fast, sometimes small room will do well for a newborn baby, even a small


Relieving the Kitchen From the Upper Cabinets?

kitchen, white bottom cabinet, white wooden floor, white backsplash, green wall, sconces, dining table set, modern chairs, pendant, white cupboard

Upper cabinet has been a pattern in a kitchen. You need to have cabinet at the bottom of the counter top and above. And that’s like a mantra people believe to be true. However, sometimes, things need to change. Sometimes,


Peeking at Inexpensive Wood Covering Wall Ideas

colorful reclaimed wooden accent wall, white painted wall, white rocking chairs, coffee table, grey sofa,

There are many kinds of finishing for walls. And wood covering wall is one of them. With wooden cover on the wall, the room will be warmer and more comfortable. And it does not have to be expensive too as


Discovering the Beautiful Look of Wooden Slats on Living Room

wooden slats accent on the living room's wall, with small floating shelves with plants on the pot, grey flooring, grey sofa

Making statements can be done in the ceiling, floor, wall, or even the furniture. While painting can be the easiest way to make statement from subtle to bold, it do not add dimensions. However, textured addition like wooden slats can


Mesmerizing Lighting Ideas Above the Kitchen Islands

a line of glass bulb pendants above white marble kitchen island's counter top, aluminum fridge, white cabinet, wooden chairs

In a kitchen, counter top, backsplash, and kitchen island might be the most popular items that people love to think about when deciding how a kitchen should look. However, even details like lighting fixture needs to be thought about too.