Screened Porch to Enjoy Outdoor Indoor

rustic porch with wooden ceiling, wooden shutters, nude sofa, wooden flooring, rugs, wooden blocks table

Different from the opened porch that allows you to take in as much outdoors as you can, screened porch or closed-in porch allows you to take the outdoor view without having to experience the hot air, or harsh wind your


Sitting Comfortably in Small Space Room

small living room with brown simple sofa, round white coffee table, brown short chairs, book shelves

For a small space, you will need to consider on how your wall and ceiling will look like, and how your furniture will look like. It is not only a matter of taste but also a matter of saving space


How Much Tiny Room can Provide Your Taste

living room in a house trailer with blue sofa, wooden table and chairs, wooden shelves

Having trailer can be really fun especially when you are still young and love adventures. With house trailer, you will be able to live longer in your trailer as it accommodates your need of kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. With this


Warming Yourself at the Back of Your House

patio with pavers flooring, round stone blocks fire pit in the middle, wooden chairs around

Having patio can increase the time when you want to be home. You have your rest place, and you have your entertainment area also. And the best thing about patio is that you will not feel suffocated. The fresh air


The Most Proper Room to Enjoy the Best Light and Breeze of the Year

sunroom with ceiling fan, two rattan table sets with green cushion, green wooden cabinet, wooden coffee table

When you live in a place when summer is not really hot enough to be called summer you will need sunroom in your home. Or if you just love to see your surrounding better because you have a great view


Spending a Great Time Relaxing in Exceptional Patio

beautiful patio with one dining set, bench, lounge chair with ottoman, lamps, fire pit

When you have a large yard, it is understandable if you also want a rest area in your yard. A patio will be welcomed by the family because of the chance to get fresh air and great time with family


How Much Stones Can Change How Your Yard Look

boulders in the slope of the yard

When you have a large yard, you will want to beautify the yard. With beautiful yard, you will be able to entertain yourself or your guest. Beautiful yard can be achieved by landscaping, growing plants, flowers, and putting rocks or


Small Dining Table Ideas for Small Kitchen

white built in kitchen table with white top and legs

When you have a small kitchen, you will have to rethink on what you should and should not bring to your small space. You also have to think when you want to have table even if it’s small because it


Home Office Decoration for Crisp yet Comfortable Ambiance

home office with vaulted ceiling, green wall, grey flooring, green couch, white wall mounted wooden shelves, white wooden cabinet, white table with glass top, brown chair

Having a home office room is really comfortable especially for you who work from home or often times have to bring back your work to home. When you want this space, you will want this as comfortable as it can


Landscaping Ideas for Small Spaces to Large Spaces

yard with one large seating area at the bottom and one seating are on top surrounded by plants and grey flooring

Having beautiful yard or garden is such a complimentary for your beautiful home. That is why you need to think it over as to how you would like your garden look like. Large yard is required when you want to