Bright White and Dark Black on the Kitchen

kitchen with white wall, door pane, countertop, cabinet, black kitchen islands, chairs with white cushion adn black legs

Kitchen is an area in your home that requires clean condition. When you’re sure your kitchen is clean, you will feel relieve that all the cooking are not messy anymore. If you’re looking for ideas how to make your kitchen


A Beauty You Make in the Back of Your House

backyard with sitting area under opened wooden pergola, flagstone on concrete base pavement and plant edge, grass

When you still can have soil in the back of your home, you will be able to turn it into beautiful spot, especially if you will live a long time in your home. You can play with the plants, the


Ottoman for Your Coffee Table

light blue ottoman for coffee table

Apart of serving its actual function, as a stool, or foot stool, it is often used as coffee table too. Because of these various function, people grow dear to ottoman. Besides it has various functions, it can boost the decoration


Gather Around with Your Friends and Family around Dining Table

long industrial theme dining table with salvaged wood

You will have to make sure that you have all the space in your dining table when you have large number of family members and friends that you like to invite to dinner. Now, if you think you want to


Expanding the Space in Your Bedroom

Traditional brown loft bed with 4 rows shelf and a desk under

The difference between loft bed and bunk bed is that with loft bed, you only use the space on top to sleep. And you can use the space under your place to sleep.  It is a good idea for a


Various Sliding Door Hardware

high quality stainless steel sliding dooor hardware

Having sliding door in your home to part rooms, or for your wardrobe can be exciting. It gives you the feeling of different and it will give your house a great deal of decoration touch. There are some kinds of


Bed Frame to Complete Your Bedroom

rustic modern dark brown wooden platform bed with reclaimed wood headboard

There are lots of bed frame that you can find in the market. There are platform frame, metal frame, sleigh frame etc.. Here, you will see how these various frames can come into beautiful use in your bedroom. Baroque Metal


Cleanse Your Body with the Best Shower

thin shower head with 8 rainfall shower level and 2 mode

Choosing bathroom fixtures can be tricky when you don’t know what to expect from a product. You can pick something but it turns out it doesn’t work the way you expected it to be. Thus, before you choose your bathroom


Table for Your Entire Big Family

wooden dining table for 12 with stainlesssteel finish in bottom edge of the legs

When you have a big family, you will probably want your family to eat together at least once a week. Well, you know you need big long table so that you will be able to serve your family. Here are


Comfortable Sofa to Sit and Sleep

red chair bed with pillow

A lot of people are asked about which one that they prefer the most: comfort or appearance. However, sometimes, we don’t want to compromise about that. We want the comfort and the appearance. That is just as well when you