Ten Ideas of Luxurious Garage Doors

brick wall glass garage alumunium garage pergola black trim wooden wall track lighting wall lamp pavement

Garage is undeniably one of prominent space need to be well designed in your house. It’s not only because its function as a storage platform but a garage can be the first impression of your house. Hence, having attractive garage


Underground Wine Cellar: Your Basement Idea

stone wall chrome wine racks staircase railing brick floor black trim window

You might wonder if you can utilize your basement for your wine storage. Of course, you want to have useful yet well-designed wine cellar that fits your need. Here are ten ideas of underground wine cellar that you can have


Stunning Ideas of Small Bathroom Remodel

wall mirror tiled tub tiled wall tiled floor wall mounted toiled wall mounted sink recessed lights bathtub (2)

Since bathroom is inseparably pivotal in our house, owning crafted bathroom is undeniably most of people’s need. However, we need to consider the space that we have in order to still get the most comfortable private spot of bathroom. If


Ten All-Time Favorite Unfinished Basement Ideas

red wall accent wall red pillow accent couch stone wall stone fireplace wooden floor wood door exposed beams wall lamps

Do you have unfinished basement but you don’t have any idea to redesign it? Usually, the homeowners only leave the basement to be unfinished storage room or even to be useless. However, unfinished basement can be useful for many purposes


Ten Timeless Portland Interior Designs

stacked wall den glass table white arm chair wall decoration wood staircase couch rounded table standing lamp side table

Portland has never ending ideas of desirable home designs that you may be inspired by. These ideas include the alluring interior designs in many different rooms and spots. Hence, we show you ten timeless Portland interior designs you can take


Choosing Your Own Modern Design For Your Home Office

floating desk magnetic office organization magnetic storage white chair pendant bin black wall wooden floor

Experiencing the best quality of working is everyone’s need. Home is the most comfortable post for most people to run their agenda including working. Some people choose to work at home while they are able to enjoy the time with


Ten Ideas of Alluring Single Wall Kitchen

flat panel cabinet white cabinet undermount sink pendant light wall decoration beige backsplash white dining table full lengt curtain

Beside the other rooms, kitchen has been important part in our house that also concern us most. Some people will prefer to have one or single wall kitchen inside their house because it might be more innovative or it does


Getting Inspired by Ten Splendid Ideas of Kitchen Bay Window Over Sink

bay window kitchen bay window white trim sink plants pots granite countertop tiled backsplash white cabinet over sink lights

Bay Window is a window model that is still preferable for most home design enthusiasts. It is not only well-applied in the regular rooms such as living room or bedroom but also in the kitchen. To give another attractive touch,


Breathtaking Collection of Phoenix Landscape Designs

turf palm trees stone dry river boulder wall light potted plants boulder paving

Landscape is inseparable part of your home design that people concern with. In fact, some people put more details in the design of their landscape because they think that appealing landscape would make good impression. Here are breathtaking collection of


Awesome Inspirations of Spanish Colonial Homes

wall mounted lanterns brick patio arched window archway fountain balcony courtyard landscape outdoor bench

In the raise of varied modern design of houses, Spanish colonial home style is still favorite idea for some people. If you adore the Spanish colonial style as your home design, this article will provide you some ideas that may