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rattan bed swing, hung from ceiling, white wall light wooden floor, white shelves Pinterest

Round Rattan Baby Box Hung From The Ceiling, White Plank Wall And Ceiling, Wooden Floor, White Curtain
Bamboo Round Baby Box Swing, Grey Floor, Yellow Wall
White Round Bed Swing Hang From The Ceiling, White Wall, White Bedding, Grey Headboard, Grey Curtain
Red Baby Box Hung From The Ceiling, Round Area With Curtain, White Wall, White Floating Shelves, White Wall, Wooden Cabinet
Wooden Bed Swing With Curve Bottom, White Canopy, White Wall
White Round Bed Swing With Triangle Support, White Curtain, Wooden Floor, Wooden Bird Cage
Wooden Supported Baby Bed Swing, White Fabric Swing
White Macrame Bed Swing, Light Wooden Floor, White Wall, Round Rug, Pillows
White Wooden Curve C Support With White Fabric Swing
Rattan Bed Swing, Hung From Ceiling, White Wall Light Wooden Floor, White Shelves

Decorating nursery can be really fun. It is a lovely thing to do releasing your love in the time and the effort doing it. While some people settle for the usual crib, some other love to go beyond and use or add another furniture that will not only give what they need but also adds another level of loveliness in the nursery, like in bed swing. Many people seen in the old tradition has bed swing for their babies, even now in the Mongolian’s houses baby swings are still in used. It needs less energy to rock the babies and it can occupy the baby while you do something else. Here below are ten stunningly adorable bed swings for baby that you would definitely love.

White Fabric
In this simple yet pretty bed swing, white fabric holds the baby. With this fabric, the baby will feel that they are hold tightly and give more comfort. The simple yet secure design is to go for especially when the nursery would be filled with toys.

White Round Swing
This one here shows a pretty sight with its white round box covered in white curtain. The design allows you to have a lovely bed swing. Seen in this one, this lovely bed swing is surrounded with natural and light colored that makes it look so pure.

Bedside Swing
Similar to the previous one, this one also has a white sweet and pure look completed with white canopies. However, this one here is hung from the ceiling that makes it save more space. Positioned beside the bed, it is perfect for parents who cannot get up from their sleep while they need to rock the baby.

Wooden Cuddle
This one here shows sturdier design with wooden box with cute curves at the bottom. This traditional look is adorable as it also allows you to put some canopy on top.

Rattan box
A pretty sight is seen in this one with natural rattan box hung from the ceiling. With little clouds and swan on the wall, it is like a scene in the cartoon movie with storks and babies sent in their beaks.

Round Rattan
This one here offers a natural look with more bohemian style at the bottom of the baby box. It is perfect for a bohemian room or natural-look nursery.

Bamboo Bed Swing
This is another natural bed swing that you would love. With simple design yet detailed pattern, this one here would be a nice touch on the nursery, or the living room while you watch your favorite TV shows.

White Macrame
If love a sweet bohemian look, you would love this white macrame bed swing. The details are adorable and sweet. And with macrame, it would give you a good look to your baby.

Simply Traditional
If you would rather have bed swing to support your day around the house, you might want something simple like this that will not use to much space.

Red Box
In this white and warm nurser, the bold red baby box sure gets much attention with its color. And, this one here shows an interesting curtain installment around the box too.

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