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white blue brown wheme room with blue chair, white beds, brown rug, blue paintings, two wooden chair, white cabinet Avalisa

White Blue Theme Room Painted In Beige And Blue With Beige Rugs, Blue Mat, Golden Crib, White Cabinet With Diaper Changing Area On Top, Painting, And Big Girraffe Stuffed
Blue Night Sky Color Room With Milkyway Planet Decoration, Golden Lamp, Telescope, Blu Pillows, Paintings, Blue White Theme Cribs, An White Rug, Grey Curtain
Blue Animal Theme With Blue Wallpaper On One Side, White Cribs, Blue White Brown Rug, Light Blue Small Ottoman, White Sofa, White Cabinet, White Diaper Changing Cabinet, And Toys
Navy Blue Theme Boy Room With Blue Painted Wall With Stickers, Stripped Blue White Couch, White Cribs With Blue White Linen, White Table, White Cabinet, Blue Laundry Basket, White Fan Lamp, Toys
Baby Boy Room With White Rug, Dark Brown Couch, Three Paintings Of Rabbit, Donkey And Raccoon, Charcoal Grey Curtain, White Grey Crib, And White Fluffy Pillows
White Theme Room Painted In Light Blue And Grey With White Cabinet For Toys, White Crib, White Ottoman, Silver King Crown And Curtain On Top Of The Crib, Crystal Hanging Lamp
White Theme Room With White Cirb, Grey Couch, Stag Head Paintings, Grey Curtain, Wooden Cabinet And Diaper Changing Area On Top Of It
White Blue Brown Wheme Room With Blue Chair, White Beds, Brown Rug, Blue Paintings, Two Wooden Chair, White Cabinet
Galaxy Baby Boy Theme With Blue Night Sky Wallpaper At One Side, White Cribs, White Couch, White Brown Cabinet, Golden Lamps And Paintings
Dark Blue Theme Room With Blue White Zigzag Rug, Blue Couch With Yellow Edges, Blue Crib,blue Curtain, Wooden Cabinet And Blue Tree Sticker Onthe Wall

Expecting a baby boy is really exciting. You want to prepare everything to be prefect when he arrives in the world. When you might already prepare for his clothes, toys, and diapers, you might want to keep all of his necessities in one place: hid bedroom. To prepare a bedroom is trickier. That is why you will love to see some ideas on baby boy’s bedroom with its blue (boy’s common color) or white (more universal color). Here are some ideas.

Monochrome Room

This room is really pretty with its light blue egg color on the wall, the white theme cribs, cabinet and rug. This monochrome idea is a good idea too for your boy. It is neutral and has clean feeling on it. But instead being bold with black, you can use brown instead, like what this picture shows, on the couch and curtain.

Navy Room

This one is in navy theme. The sea blue tone is strong in the wall. Other than that, all is in white or a mix of blue and white. And of course you need to put a couch beside crib and cabinet for you when you need to give milk or breast feed your baby.

navy blue theme boy room with blue painted wall with stickers, stripped blue white couch, white cribs with blue white linen, white table, white cabinet, blue laundry basket, white fan lamp, toys

Haus of Design by IYC

Blue Sky

This one carries sky as the theme. The dark night blue sky tone is on one side with while the rest is a mix of white, light blue, and darker colors.

A Star Gazer’s Room

This one is in more serious star gazer theme. There is miniature of Milky Way hanging on the corner of the ceiling and even a telescope. The room is in the tone of blue and white. The crib has one side that you can pull down to let him out easier.

Free Blue Brown Room

This one is mixing brown and blue in a room. With a large window that let the nature does the rest, the side that human can do is done in light blue, white, and brown color with animal paintings on the wall. The baby bed is unique as it is not the usual crib.

white blue brown wheme room with blue chair, white beds, brown rug, blue paintings, two wooden chair, white cabinet


Large White Blue Room

This one has one unique side of the wall on which cute brown blue silhouette animal wallpaper is put. The rug is in blue white brown tone. The one thing that makes it comfortable is the sofa near the window with yellow color on the pillow and blanket that makes the room more fun. It also has diaper changing area on top of its cabinet.

Tree in the Room

The thing that is lovely about this room is the tree sticker put on the wall that makes the room more alive. Although, the chosen color of blue on the couch, crib, and curtain makes it all in pretty symphony.

White Theme Room

This one is simply beautiful. Although it is for boy, it doesn’t mean it needs to be blue. This one is almost all in white except the curtain. The furniture is quite simple, with only crib, couch, and diaper changing area on top of a cabinet.

A Prince Room

This one is really cute. With all grayish white on the crib, shelves, laundry basket, one side of the wall is painted blue. The interesting thing in this room is that on top of the crib, they put a crown with curtain under it to cover the crib when you need it.

An Adventurous’ Room

One side of the wall is in blue stripped with white tone painting. There is one cabinet in white with orange counter top. But at the top, they put diaper changing area in white. The crib is in orange gold steel with white linen bed. The one thing that catches one’s eye is the miniature of giraffe that makes the room so much more alive.


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