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nursery with white plain wall, white wooden shelves for toys, white wooden crib, white chair, purlpe white orange colored triangle patterned rug Carmen Parker Styling

Nursery With Soft Beige Wall, Soft Grey Rug With Blue Pattern, Light Brown Crib, Soft Beige Chair, Wooden Shelf
Nursery With White Wooden Crib, Grey Wall, Fireplace, Blue Velvet Chairs, Blue Leathered Ottoman, White Side Table With Brown Table Lamp, White Blue Colored Rug With Plus S
Nursery With White Plain Wall, White Wooden Shelves For Toys, White Wooden Crib, White Chair, Purlpe White Orange Colored Triangle Patterned Rug
Nursery With Blue Painted Wall, White Wooden Crib, White Fury Rug
Nursery With White Chair, White Wooden Crib, Dark Wooden Flooring, White Painted Wall With Green Animal Stikers On One Side, Colorful Lined Rug
Nursery With White Wooden Crib, Brown Wooden Cabinet, Yellow Car Toy, Bear, Blue Beige White Rug With Round Pattern, White Table Lamp
Nursery With Wooden Flooring, White Panted Wall, White And Dark Brown Wooden Crib, White Cabinet With Cushion On Top, Toys Keeping Bag, Pink Lined Spike Patterned Rug
Nursery With Grey Painted Wall With White Artwork Of Trees And Owls, White Wooden Cribs, White Wooden Crib, White Chair, White Floor Lamp, Colorful Triangle Patterned Rug
Nursery With Ocean Blue Wall, White Curtains On Three Windows, Soft Blue Comfortable Chair, Wooden Side Table, Table Lamp, Wooden Flooring, Soft Peach Rug, Corner Shelves
Nursery With Wooden Flooring, White Wall, White Wide Rocking Chair, White Crib, White Shelves, White Curtains, Round Pendant Lamp With Gold Cage, Pink Patterned Rug

Rugs are crucial parts of a room, especially nursery. While adult bedroom needs it for flooring so that it won’t be too cold in the winter and to feel comfort under their feet, rugs for baby are not only about that. It is also a place where they play, especially when they start to sit, put everything into their little mouth, and play with their toys. It is important to choose the safest and most comfortable rugs. And of course, besides all of that, you will want to have the rugs that complement the room interior design.

Blue and Nude Round Pattern Rug

For a plain wall and nude and neutral coloured furnishings, having some touches with patter makes the room feel more alive. A round patterned rug will obviously makes the room feel more alive subtly because the pattern is not so bold and the colour is still complemented.

Colourful Triangle Baby Rug

Besides round pattern, triangle pattern also has its own charms for baby or children room, not to mention if it has many colours on it. With colourful look, children’s room will look more cheerful, especially to a room with plain white wall painting.

Warm Fur

If you want to look for the softest and comfortable, you might like this kind of fur rug. With white colour, the rug looks innocent, exactly like clouds which is a perfect choice to be put in baby nursery room.

White Pink Rug

This is another girly rug with pink and white lines. This kind of pattern looks good when you put it inside a room with minimal colour. In this room, white and pink dominates the colour palette, besides the brown wooden flooring.

Soft Coloured Rug on Ocean Blue Room

In this picture, you can see that the room is already in bold coloured atmosphere that the furnishings are mostly in white or soft colour. There is no difference with the rug too. Among the entire blue wall, the rug and the other nude and neutral coloured furnishings calm it down.

White and Blue Rug

In this rather eclectic nursery where the furnishings aren’t exactly in soft colour like nursery in general, the nursery is designed for the comfort of, not only the baby, but also the adult. Although the feeling is more mature than nursery in general, the existence of crib and the cute rug can turn down the mature feeling.

Colourful Lines Rug

Besides pattern in many shapes, lines can also look really beautiful when you play with colours, like shown in this rug. With white and black as the prominent colours and dark green touches, colourful lines rug will not go wrong.

Blue Touches from the Rug

In this room with the entire room is in beige or nude colours, the touch of blue in the painting and in the rug complements the room really well.

Mexican Patterned Rug

If you like to mix and match in your room, there’s no wrong if you want to do it in the baby nursery room too, like in the picture below. With pink lines in the Mexican pattern, the room looks less intense.

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