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A sofa may disturb the room visual since the back cover some areas. But still having back of seating can make you rest more. If you want to have a clear look of your room especially for a living room where you can see the guests, you may probably need a backless sofa bench. It is like an ordinary bench but has sofa fabric and style. A backless sofa bench can be paired with a sofa, some chairs, ottomans, and a coffee table. Here are some chic backless sofa bench ideas that you can set in your living room.

A Custom Made Furniture Set

This set of a beige sofa, a soft gray backless sofa bench, and the two gray wingback armchairs was custom made. This furniture styling looks more elegant for a classic living room and becomes people’s favorite.

A Cozy and Comfortable Seat

Try creating two separated seating areas for a larger classic living room. Put a backless sofa between them. If you have a backless sofa bench with low sides, it looks right and comfortable in a transitional living room.

A Blue Tufted Sofa Bench

The high back sofa is paired with a lower settee and a tufted backless sofa bench so that it doesn’t impact the view from the glass doors and surrounding. Furniture as art is the predominant theme in this formal living room which boats the different styles of seats.

The Furniture Arrangement and Upgrade

This living room is a perfect example of sprucing up and outdated space. It simply needs a furniture arrangement and makes it better with some color.

A Charcoal Colored Sofa Bench

This contemporary living room shows an eclectic mix of traditional design and modern details. The beautiful red rug drives the color scheme and the bold wall color pull it all together. It is an interesting room design and liveable. While the backless sofa bench is an ultra suede fabric in a charcoal color.

Floating Features

This living room provides some floating-like furniture pieces. A white tufted sofa, a black coffee table, a white backless sofa bench, and a white wall mounted cabinet. The black and chrome legs of the sofas and table make them look like floating and have much space underneath.

A Second Seating

This is a small living room which needs to be opened up to the eye. The gray backless sofa bench allows you to see through the room, enlarging the living room space. The sofa bench still keeps things close and intimate.

Niche for Sofa

Here is another living room that uses a small sofa bench. The beige sofa is well placed next to the bay window.

A Modern Sofa

Modern Living room often uses minimalist design and neutral color. This room gets so much lighting from the glass walls and the skylight above the seating space.

White Backless Sofa Bench

The white sofa bench and white coffee table brighten up this living room. It is placed near the large windows, allow the proper view look of the outside.

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