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A cool patio cover can improve the overall looks of a patio it’s used in and creating such patio cover is what you should try to do if you’re a homeowner with a house that has a patio. Creating one isn’t a hard thing to do especially if you’re quite good at carpentry. If you’re considering creating one for your patio, you can take a look at these cool patio covers to get some cool patio cover design ideas to apply at your residence.

Combined with a Pink Door and a Dark-coloured Wall

The cool patio cover below is combined with a pink door and a dark-coloured wall and the combinations gives birth to an awesome look.

Combined with Brick Walls

The patio cover below is combined with brick walls to give the area a simple but cool look that greatly improves its overall looks.

Complemented by Climbing Vines

Complemented by climbing vines, the patio cover below is definitely one that gives the patio it’s covering a beautiful look it deserves to have.

In a Patio Beautified by Brick Pavers

The patio cover below belongs to a patio beautified by brick pavers, decorative plants and a number of other things that help decorate the area.

In a Rustic Style

The patio cover below is in a rustic style and it covers a simple but cool patio with a tall-back chair and a small table.

Beautifully Complemented by Fountains

The patio cover below is used to cover a patio that’s beautifully complemented by fountains and plants in varying colours.

It’s Okay for Covers to be Big

Patio covers don’t need to always be small and it’s okay for covers to be big since even things like loggias can be used as patio covers.

Combined with Concrete Pavers

The patio cover below is combined with concrete pavers and it’s covering a patio with chairs and a table decorated by beautiful flowers.

Creating a Harmony with Stone Benches and a Table

Together with a stone table and beautiful stone benches accompanying it, this patio cover creates a harmony in the patio where it’s used.

Coupled with a Hardwood Floor

The beautiful patio covers below are coupled with a hardwood floor on which a sofa with pillows, a small table and more are.

Combined with Stone Pavers in a Contemporary Patio

Stone pavers are what this patio has and the pavers work together with the patio cover to give the are a nice look it deserves to have.

Combined with a Fire Pit and Surround Seating

The beautiful patio cover below is used to cover a patio with a fire pit and surround seating. The patio has varied things including seating with pillows, decorative plants and more.

Beautifully Linked with an Outdoor Kitchen

The patio the beautiful cover below is protecting is beautifully linked with an outdoor kitchen with tall chairs, beautiful lamps and more.

Protecting a Contemporary Patio with a Corner Sofa

The patio cover below is protecting a patio with a corner sofa, a table with benches, decorative plants and other things.

Merged with Natural Stone Pavers

When a patio cover is merged with natural stone pavers, it creates a beautiful blend that beautifies the area and improves its overall looks.

As a Modern Roof Extension

The patio cover below functions as a modern roof extension and it’s covering a patio with ceiling fans, interesting chairs and myriad other things.

Incorporated to a Pool House

The patio cover below is incorporated to a pool house that has chairs with pillows, a low table decorated by flowers and more.

Working Together with a Concrete Slab

Working together with a concrete slab, this patio cover is covering a patio with modern chairs and a table decorated by beautiful red and yellow flowers.

Protecting Small Gathering Areas

The patio cover below is protecting small gathering areas with different types of chairs. One of the areas has a fire pit that helps decorate the area, improving its looks.

Put Very Close to a Brick Wall

One of the best combinations a patio can get is a combination of a patio cover and a brick wall because it’s a combination that can help decorate the outdoor area.

With a Unique Curvy Design

Things that are curvy are definitely things that are preferred by many people and those things include cars, guitars and patio covers.

Wonderfully Mixed with an Outdoor Fireplace

When it’s wonderfully mixed with an outdoor fireplace, a patio cover can create a beautiful look that helps beautify the patio it’s protecting. The patio cover below is combined with a fireplace and both belong to a patio with beautifully arranged lamps, a table, chairs and more.

Becoming a Traditional White Ceiling

When you’re in this patio, you’ll see the cover as a white ceiling on which a ceiling fan is hanging. The patio itself has things like a carpet, a low table, a chaise longue, a chair, a sofa with pillows and decorative plants.

Protecting a Patio with a Modern Minimalist Design

The patio this patio cover with ceiling lights is protecting is a patio with a modern minimalist design. The patio has two main tables, one of them being decorated by flowers. The patio also has chairs, a sofa and a fireplace, among others.

Protecting a Patio with White Curtains and a Sofa with Pillows

The patio cover below is protecting a patio that has a sofa with pillows, two chairs with pillows, an interesting table and white curtains that help add a spark of elegance to the area. The patio itself is located near a pool.

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