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A backyard is a hidden place where we can make it useful. We can build a patio, sports court, or a swimming pool in the backyard. The grass and the ground may disturb the landscape of your backyard. You can put pavers for the backyard way. It increases the cleanliness and tidiness. The pavers also can decorate your backyard if you choose the proper pavers and arrangement. Here are some backyard paver ideas that you will inspire you to decorate your backyard.

Beautiful Small Backyard

Your backyard will be more beautiful if you arrange some New York blue stones, walnut color pavers, and the grass. You also can add some flower plants into a U-shaped in your backyard. The wooden high fence will give you privacy and safety. You will love the greenery, paver patio, and bright fence.

Paver for Spacious Patio

This patio is completed by paver patio, random limestone square fire pit, pillars, seat benches, and a custom deck. You can decorate your wall with red bricks and make the fire pit in the retaining wall to save the space.

Walkway Pavers

You may need backyard paver ideas in this arrangement. You can use Belgard Mega Bergerac pavers.  The patio is also lower than the grass grow. This patio features Tropitone Banchetto fire pit table with wooden low chairs.

Amazing Backyard

The visual variety is added in this simple backyard by some materials such as rusted timber slatted fence, pavers, grass, stone walls, and some decorative plants. The colors of the backyard are amazing. You can mix the land of the backyard with pavers and grass. It will look simple and clean.

Backyard Paver Ideas and Pool

You can get a creative application around your backyard with the incorporates pavers and artificial grass. It is suitable to frame the backyard pool.

Fancy Backyard with Pavers and Gravel

You can make a fancy backyard by filling up this place with pavers and grass. The pavers with gravel for a seating area and grass for the side area. The seating area features farmhouse blue chairs and Baltic propane square fire table.

Tumbled Paving Stone Patio

This backyard patio is beautified by the tumbled concrete pavers. The random mix of paver sizes and colors make this patio very cool.

Circular Stone Patterned Backyard Paver Ideas

You can make a tan cobblestone firepit area in the middle of the paver courtyard. You can arrange seating area with cushion around it. You also may add a Red Corliving square patio umbrella.

Pavers with Circular Seating and Fire Pit

You can have a circular seating with some chairs and stone bench with a fire pit in the middle. It is a good choice if you want more seating area with minimum furniture. The arrangement of the light brown and white grey pavers is also interesting.

Backyard Paver Ideas with Artificial Grass

This backyard is so artistic with the artificial grass design and the random size pavers. You can provide a high stone fence for privacy and a seating area with roof.

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