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small balcony with wood deck, rattan chair with brown cushion, plants pots in line with the rail Randle Siddeley

Small Balcony With Wood Rail, High Wood Slat On One Side, Grey Tiles, White Chair With Ottoman, Glass Top Side Table
Small Balcony With Aluminium Rail, Glossy Plants Pot, Aluminium Bench And Couch And Coffee Table, Sliding Wooden Perforated Screens
Balcony With White Wooden Deck In The Front, Brown Wooden Deck With Wooden Built In Benchm Wooden Small Chair With Table
Enclosed Small Balcony With One Rattan Lounge Chair, Colorful Stripped Carpet, China Stool, Off White Curtain
Large Balcony Enclosed With Glass Rail, Added Covers With Black Rail Silding Door
Private Balcony With High Horizontal Wooden Fences, Opaque Screens, Grey Set Chairs And Ottoman For Coffee Table, Glass Side Table, Carpet, Plants
Small Balcony With Wood Deck, Rattan Chair With Brown Cushion, Plants Pots In Line With The Rail
Small Balcony Enclosed With Medium High Wall With Low Bench For Two With White Cushion And Small Coffee Table, And Some Small Bamboo Plants On Pots
Balcony With Wooden Flooring, High Wooden Horizontal Wooden Wall, Glass Rail, Black Metal Frame Chair
Balcony With White Wooden Flooring, White High Vertical Wooden Fence

A balcony can be a great place to enjoy the view around your house. Although sometimes it’s small and not much a room, a balcony can give you more fresh air and change after a long hour inside the house. Despite the small space, there are so many things you can do with your balcony to make it comfortable, including making it more secluded to add privacy. Having a balcony that is not too open can help you relax without afraid of being too exposed. Here below are some great ideas on how private balcony can be even more inviting than an open balcony, without making it confined. You can still have the bright light and breezy air.

Around White Fences

This one protects the balcony with pretty white wooden fences almost as high as the wall itself. This is a great idea on making your balcony more private but still managing to let the bright sunshine to get through your balcony.

Accompanied with Bamboo

This beautiful Asian plant successfully brings a really nice touch on a balcony. It makes the balcony look fresh and colored. With medium high wall, a low couch can be placed inside to make the balcony private enough.

Enclosed with Rail

If you love to have cover but a sheer one, this rail is a perfect choice for your balcony. And with the sliding one, you can control on how much cover you want.

Sliding Perforated Screens

This is another screen for you who love to add some sheer protection without ever feeling too confined. The sliding screens help you have the privacy wherever you need in the balcony.

Guarded by Wooden Wall

If you have a beautiful view that you can enjoy from your balcony but you don’t like being too exposed, you can add a wall on your right and left balcony and left to the glass rail for your front.

Reading Nook

This small balcony is really comfortable for who love to read. The chair is placed near the window that can be closed with curtain. With this, you will have a comfortable hide out with breezy air and bright light.

Adding Opaque Screen

If you think fences or high wall is not enough for privacy, you can add opaque screens so that you can feel totally safe in your comfort zone.

Build the Bench

It is a great idea to also build a bench that link to the deck you try to add more privacy to your balcony.

Adding Wood Slat

Similar with the previous idea, this one is also adding a wall to give more seclusion. However, the additional wall is a beautiful wood slat that comes perfectly in match with the rail and the ceiling.

Plants Protection

Different from the previous ones, this one depends on the plants that grow high to give more secluded privacy to those who like to enjoy the light in the day. Plants obviously give more fresher feeling to the balcony.

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