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white and brown eggshaped swings on the balcony with white wooden floor, white coffee table, white curtain Emma Courtney

Balcony With Grey Floor, Rattan Bench With White Cushion, Rattan Coffee Table With Wooden Top, Swinging Chair, Shade Ont Eh Windows
White And Brown Eggshaped Swings On The Balcony With White Wooden Floor, White Coffee Table, White Curtain
A Balcony With White Wooden Floor, Adjusted Wooden Table, Round Swing, Shade
Green Hammock In The Balcony With White Aluminium Fence, Wooden Floor, Rugs, Pillows
Balcony With Wooden Floor, White Posts And Gences, White Wall, Plants Flowers, Swing Hang From The Ceiling
Small Balcony With Wooden Floor, Textured Wall, Plants On The Wall, Bar Table On The Wall With Stool And Swinging Chair
Balcony With White Floor, Green Wall, White Swinging Chair, Accent Wall
White Bohemian Hammock With Pillows, On Balcony With White Wooden Floor, Screen, White Wooden Fences
A Small Balcony With White Floor, White Open Brick Wall, Flowers, Table, A Black Swinging Chair
Wooden Bench Swing On The Balcony With Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Chair

As stated inĀ the previous post about balcony, a great balcony can be a place where you can enjoy your time outside your bedroom – well, sometimes people get tired of their own bedroom when they spend too much time in there. This one here, though, will show you some ideas on how inviting a balcony is with a swing, or swings! Now, let’s see some ideas.


Swings on the Beach

Yes, this one here is like a sublime place to have your swing on. Located near the beach, everything can look nice. And when a nice place have a nice house with a balcony, it’s the best. Not to mention, they have swings in the balcony that will allows them to get the best wind on the beach.


Bench Swing

Want to have a swing that allows you to sit with somebody else? Then you’ll love bench swing. With this, you’ll be able to enjoy the view from your balcony with your closed ones.


Relaxing on Hammock

Bringing quite different feeling, hammock can give you fun in swinging from side to side. It can also give you comfort in relaxing in the hammock and enjoying the day with or without books.


Light Hammock

Similar to the previous one, this one here also gives you comfort and fun. One thing that might differentiate this one here is that the light and fun color. The balcony ambiance is quite different too. In this one, it’s all fun and you can imagine some friends hanging around here.


Swinging Chair

If you’re looking for small balcony layout, you might love this one here. It’s not only a cozy balcony but also a comfortable one with its swinging chair.


Cozy Corner

For a small balcony, sometimes it can be tricky to decorate. However, an accent wall, plants on the pot and a simple swinging chair like this one here can change the game entirely. The balcony becomes one comfortable spot you want to hang around anytime.


On a Private Balcony

If you love to enjoy your balcony without the eyes from other people, you can add shade to your balcony. Then you will be able to spend your me time comfortably. Add a swing will obviously add the comfort too.


360 DegreeĀ 

When you want to sort your mind, you will want to come to a place you find the most comfortable. Probably with sofa, table, and a perfect air circulation to let the oxygen circulated perfectly. Well, adding a swing that let you 360 degree of view will add some fun and perspective.


Only the Chair

If you only add a swing chair to your balcony, that’s okay too. With a balcony, you will be able to have a view of your own. The important thing is how to enjoy the view well. A perfectly comfortable swing with its cushion from the seating to the back will surely deliver your needs.


Simple Thing

Sometimes, the best thing comes from the simplest thing. That’s why, this balcony, even though lack of decoration, it has offered the best thing: comfort. With fur cushion, this has become a pretty sight.

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