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bamboo bathroom bamboo floor concrete walls windows shower glass door vanity blue sink bowls faucets mirror wall sconces artwork CARNEMARK design + build

Bamboo Bathroom Flat Panel Cabinets White Cabinets Beige Walls A Vessel Sink Wood Countertops Sloped Ceiling With Glasses Wall Sconces
Bamboo Bathroom Beige Bathroom Wall Tiles Bamboo Floor Tile Shower Head Glass Doors Built In Shelves Mirror Wall Sconce Sink
Bamboo Bathroom Bamboo Floor Cedar Ceiling Dark Floor Tiles White Wall Tiles Bathroom Accessories Set Recessed Lighting Glass Wall
Bamboo Bathroom Bamboo Floor Concrete Walls Windows Shower Glass Door Vanity Blue Sink Bowls Faucets Mirror Wall Sconces Artwork
Bamboo Bathroom Bamboo Floor Tile Blue Accent Wall Shower Head Glass Door Mirrored Cabinet White Vanity Undermount Sink
Bamboo Bathroom Chandelier Tb Gold Bathroom Accessories Set White Shower Curtain Wall Sconces Mirrors White Vanity Windows
Bamboo Bathroom Red And White Walls Glass Windows Freestanding Tub White Porcelain Vanity And Sinks Shower Head Mirrors Wall Sconces
Bamboo Bathroom Tosca Walls Built In Tub Shower Faucet Glass Door Bamboo Floor Mirror Bamboo Chair Vanity Undermount Sink
Bamboo Bathroom Large Black Wall Tile Wall Sconces Built On Tub Blue Accent Wall Sink Bowl Glass Shower Doors Indoor Plant
Bamboo Bathroom Wide Mirror Pendant Lights Dark Stone Wall Bench Shower Head Wood Vanity Black Sink Bowl Candle Towels

As eco-friendly flooring design gains in popularity, the selection of natural flooring materials continues to increase and become more stylish such as wood and bamboo. Bamboo flooring looks similar to traditional wood flooring. Bamboo flooring is naturally harder and more durable that will be nice for a room. bamboo flooring can be installed in your bathroom. Despite their stunning look, bamboo flooring is really recommended for a variety of reasons. It can offer a soft and warm feeling in our bare feet.  Bamboo is also naturally resistant to mold, mildew, and bacteria. Bamboo flooring naturally repels moisture and excellent qualities in bathroom floors. The following are some eco-friendly bamboo bathroom that will inspire you to choose the right flooring for your bathroom.

Bamboo Bathroom with Lighting Fixtures

Everyone can see how clean this bathroom is. It has beige tiles in the shower space. There are also bamboo floor and white tiles outside of the shower area. The light thing fixtures are the recessed lighting under the mirrored cabinet and the wall sconces.

Live with Nature

This bathroom is surrounded by some large windows that show the beautiful woods. You can add some water resistant curtains to cover it. Bamboo flooring, wood ceiling with Western Red Cedar, and white tiles are also featured in this bathroom.

Light Blue Bathroom with Bamboo Flooring

This narrow bathroom offers bamboo flooring from the door to the shower space. A window is installed on the blue wall with its window treatment.

A Bright and Dark Bamboo Bathroom

A bright side of this bathroom has blue and white walls, wooden vanity, a porcelain sink bowl, wall mounted faucet, and bamboo flooring. The tub and the shower space are on the dark side with large black tiles.

A Narrow Bamboo Bathroom

This is another inspiration for a narrow bathroom. The freestanding tub is placed nicely near the windows. You can still have shower space that will make your bathroom more practical.

Ceiling Glass Windows for A Bathroom

This bathroom has a combination of traditional and modern vibe. This bathroom has flat-panel cabinets, shower area, wide mirror, wall sconces, and ceiling glass windows.

High Contrast

The colors selection also takes part in creating a nice bathroom. This bathroom has an elegant black in the shower area and warm feeling from the brown wooden vanity and bamboo floor. The yellow pendant lights are installed above the vanity.

Pre-Finished Bamboo Flooring

The flooring in this grey bathroom is pre-finished bamboo. The bamboo flooring is good for people who don’t tend to splash around in their bathroom. The concrete countertops complete the grey color scheme in this bathroom.

An Elegant Bathroom

This bathroom is really elegant with the presence of a shower curtain, chandelier, wall sconces, and gold bathroom accessories set. The flooring in this bathroom is bamboo flooring that gives a little nature touch in this bathroom.

A Traditional Bamboo Bathroom

This traditional bathroom brings a modesty in your home. It features bamboo flooring, a bamboo chair, a built-in tub, and wood vanity with drawers.

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