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Getting a desk to put in your office or bedroom is necessary. It helps everyone in working or studying. Sometimes, a desk provides more than a desk top and the legs. It may also have a drawer as a storage. You can find many kinds of desk top that suit your style and nice material. A bamboo desk top is a little bit similar to the wooden desk top. It can give a contemporary minimalist style and warm feeling. Another advantage of bamboo desk top is that you can decorate and fill the desk easily. The following are some bamboo desk top ideas that will inspire you to have a nice and convenient desk.

An Office Nook

You can design a homework station to seat two for your family with two school-aged children. They can share the study and seating. This study space is placed in a transitional room with the bamboo desk top and a wooden bench with back and patterned cushion.

Narrow Space

A narrow space is not a problem for you who want to create a functional home office. You can set built-in bookshelves on both the wall sides and place a desk in front of the window. The bamboo desktop will blend into the white desk and wooden floor.

L-Shaped Desk

The features in this home office are a custom design, along with the desk and all the other built-ins. The steel brackets in the wall support two pieces of bamboo plywood. The bamboo desk top is in L-shaped that make it spacious.

Built-In Desk and Shelves

The study or working spaces can be focused on the one side of the room. Use natural materials that help you make the built-in shelves and desk easily. They used painted white wood features and bamboo desk top.

A Simple Home Office

A simple home office can be created featuring a minimalist desk table with the bamboo desk top and wrought iron legs which are dressed up with a white upholstered armchair. The statue on the desk creates a meditation theme.

Give A Pop Color

The blue finishing of the desk creates a stylish look and make the room not too plain with just brown and grey colors. The open shelving will be practical enough to keep the working space tidy.

The Sealed Bamboo Surface

Here is another corner desk you can get inspiration from. The corner desk with bamboo desk top will absolutely help you in working by giving the spacious space.

Creating A Multi-Functional Room

Combining a home office with a library is a good idea if you have limited space for them. This room provides wall-mounted wooden shelves, wooden drawers, and a spacious built-in wooden desk.

The Minimalist Furniture

Go minimalist with this idea. The bamboo desk top is wall mounted along with the bamboo backsplash, blue upper storage, and blue vertical shelves.

A Low Desk

Instead of having two nightstands, you can replace one with a wooden desk. Choose a low wooden desk that won’t obscure the sunlight and the view.

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