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Planning to sell your current home as it is and purchase a new one in another location – perhaps in Melbourne – repeatedly crowned as the most liveable city in the world. If you’re yet to close that home deal, then stop right there and consider some of the ways you can do to boost your home’s sale value and give you more purchasing power for your next home.

Recreate the kitchen. If you are planning to sell out your property, improving the kitchen is a must. Granted that it’s an expensive renovation, it can provide massive returns. The kitchen is where we make food and memories. A small change in the kitchen aesthetics can provide a huge boost to your home value. You could add some paint over your kitchen cabinets or change counter tiles to give you a newer looking kitchen.

Remodel or add a bathroom. Like the kitchen, home remodelling works better if you improve the bathroom. Turn extra space in your house into an extra smaller bathroom and you’ll be surprised how much return you can get from it. Underutilized spaces mean there is another room for a bathroom. Think vacant closets and areas under the staircases can be potentially decent bathrooms for instance.

Add another room. You can also add an extra room to your home for sale if you have space, time and money. The extra room will increase the value of the property as well as make your space look alluring and attractive. Rooms that are dynamic or versatile can easily boost up the property value like the kitchen. If you are struggling to add more space inside your home, try using the space available above the garage or convert it into another home.

Well-tended garden. Under-maintained garden won’t look pleasant to buyers. To up your property’s selling value, your home improvement project should also be implemented on your outside perimeter. Gardens or lawns will be the first things potential buyers will see, so it’s wise to focus on it to create good impressions.

Better lighting. Most families prefer a well-illuminated home. Invest in warm and brighter lighting. You can also use natural light by opening windows and removing big appliances or furniture that might be blocking outside light source.

Other considerations. Invest in fresh paint, replace that rot wood, fix the leaking roof and fix your home by removing moulds. Doing these things goes a long with into increasing the value of your home. Remember, people will love a home that is aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound.

Looking for your next home project?

After selling your home, you’ll be looking into a new home – perhaps you’re starting to property hunt right now.

Laurimar, one of many fast-selling Melbourne real estate properties by Lendlease, is a perfect place to start looking. Homes and lots here are a great investment as it comes with picture-perfect views, easy transportation to the CBD, good amenities, and pleasant community throughout. You want your next investment to perform as well as possible, so it’s best if you invest in a growth neighbourhood like Laurimar.

Indeed, there’s no place like home, so your next home in a new neighbourhood deserves the best care. Like your current home, spend as much home improvement in your next property, so it becomes more liveable and valuable in the future if you decide to sell again.

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