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bay with white detailed half round bench, wooden floor, windows, wooden round table with foldable side, grey cushion Vote by Issue

Bay, White Wooden Bench, Dark Wooden Floor, White Table, White Wall, White Pendant, Soft Green Cushion, Striped Pillows
Bay, White Wooden Bench, Brown Cushion, Patterned Curtain, Pendant, Wooden Floor, Brown Glossy Tulip Table
Bay, White Wooden Half Round Built In Bench, White Framed Window, White Pendant, Blue Cushion, Blue Wooden Chairs With Rattan Seating, Black Floor
Bay, Curvy White Bench, White Tulip Table, Black Modern Chair, Black Pendant, Black Framed Window
Bay With White Detailed Half Round Bench, Wooden Floor, Windows, Wooden Round Table With Foldable Side, Grey Cushion
Round Bay With White Bench, Grey Thick Cushion, White Shade, White Chandelier
Bay With White Wooden Straight Bench, Blue Shade, White Wooden Chairs With Orange Cushion, White Tulip Table, Wooden Floor, Brown Rug
Bay, White Wooden Framed, White Wooden Half Round Bench, Wooden Chairs, Wooden Table, Wooden Floor, White Pendant
Bay With White Wooden Bench, Green Cushion. Brown Wooded Chairs, White Round Marble Table, White Framed Window, White Pendant
Bay With White Wooden Bench, Dark Green Cushion, Dark Round Table, Grey Stool, Pendant, Sconces

Having window bay can be tricky as to arranging the furniture to stand there or to let the space unused. However, having window bay can be a privilege too as it can give you a unique and unusual look. Here below are ten gorgeous small banquette that you might want to use the bay for them.

Fresh and Modern
This banquette shows a modern style in the simplicity of the white wooden bench, table, and the window. The brown chairs with some curves give interesting touch that makes the bay looks refreshing.

Bench Along the Bay
This one builds a curvy bench along the bay to make the space maximized perfectly. It can be a comfortable reading nook too, but with a round table and added chairs, this place turns into a comfortable dining table.

Straight Bench
While the previous one has curvy bench along the bay, this one here has straight bench for the curvy wall. This unique look might not as wide as the previous but the it makes sure you have enough space to sit together. Added by some chairs and wide table, this small bay can accommodate may people anyway.

Half Round Bench
This modern banquette follows the alcove shape and brings contrast to sight. The white wooden bench, wall, table, and pendant contrast with navy cushion, dark blue chairs, and black floor that it brings everything to look pronounced.

Cornered Bay
In this angled bay, the bench is also built-in in the same angled way with its clean lines and smooth surface. This what makes the spot save some space with modern look. The black pendant and midcentury chairs support the theme perfectly well.

Angled Bay
Similar to the previous one, this one here shows an interesting angled bench with mmodern look. The minimalist details and neutral look is given some accents by the patterned curtain and the classic pendant.

Modern Elegance
In this banquette along the bay, the modern look is also completed by some luxurious touch on the chandelier that it turns the minimalist modern look of the bench becomes luxurious.

White and Green
Neutral and soft colors are safest when it comes to build modern vibe among small space. This one here shows a soft and calm hue beside the window that it brings in freshness.

Rustic Banquette
Although building rustic vibe in small space is not the most popular practice, combination of modern look can help very much. The clean lines on the bench, the classic wall, and the rustic table and lighting fixtures are the best ingredients.

Modern Alcove
This one here might look simple. Yet, the details on the bench and wainscot looks endearing. The added storage under the bench is really practical to add your storage. The foldable part of the table can accommodate more people to dine together when needed.

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