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bar with simple thick wood table, brick backsplash, grey tile, wooden cabinet with metallic counter, dark wood leathered stools, clear glass pendant Trickle Creek Designer Homes

Long And Large Bar With Lear Glass Shelves For Liquor Bottle, Wooden Counter Bar, White Tiles Backsplash, Clear Glass Pendant, Next To Toys Area
Bar Under The Bricks Archwall, With Wooden Bar With Yellow Marble Top, Wooden Stool With Leather Upholster
Bar With Simple Thick Wood Table, Brick Backsplash, Grey Tile, Wooden Cabinet With Metallic Counter, Dark Wood Leathered Stools, Clear Glass Pendant
Minimalist White And Black Small Wooden Bar With Black Stool With Back
Traditional Bar With Wooden Bar Table, Wooden Liquor Cabinet, TV Against The Wall, Yellow Pendants, Brown Bar Stool
Bar Under The Stones Arch Ceiling With Withered Wood Table And Cabinet, Withered Wood Chair With Back, Three Yellow Classic Pendant
Bar With White Stone On The Wall, White Stone Ofr The Bar Table With White Marble Top, Small Cylinder Whtie Pendants, Dark Wood Cabinet, Dark Wood White Leathered Stools
Bar Near A Game Area With Arch Ceiling, Wooden Bar Counter, Wooden Kitchenette, Iron Stool With Brown Cushion, Bowl Pendant
Bar In Basement Made From Wood, With Bottle Rack Against The Wall, Sink, Wood Board In The Counter Top, Bar Stools
Bar With Orange Wal, Wall Mounted TV, Silver Pendant, Silver And Brown Counter Top, Black Orange Stool

Basement can be anything we want it to be. It is like an extra room where you can do anything. Many people choose to turn their basement into a storage room and some other people choose to turn into somewhere with more fun to offer. Some people therefore turn it into game room or living room. However, there are some people who thinks basement is a great place to have some liquor thus to have a bar. It can be especially a bar, or a bar accompanying game room or living room. If you also want to have bar in your basement, some pictures below might help you deciding on how your bar should look like.

Small Wooden Bar

Having a bar is probably all that you need. It doesn’t have to be big as long as you have a place to store all the liquor neatly and you have the stools that await you to get relax. With wall mounted bottle rack, you can store your liquor as well as making it to be your wall decoration.

Minimalist Bar

Not everyone have the large space they need for a bar. Well, this small minimalist bar is still a great bar despite the size. It has the board to keep enough liquor and clearly it has the place for you to sit around drinking your alcohol.

Rack of Bottles

If you have a large space for your bar, you can make your bar long and large and you can still have all the space to store your alcohol as much as you want.

Modern Chic Bar

If you need a modern and chic bar, you will love to have this kind of bar. This metallic touch on the counter bar and the pendant gives modernity to the max.

Under the Archway

Some classic look for a bar will never be failed. Wood and iron clearly work the best to create classic look on this bar. The pendant on the bar share luminous glow for the bar.

Under the Bricks

This is a thoughtful design of a bar. This bar looks old and classic. It might remind you of old times in a movie set with its withered bricks and those leathered stools.

Against the Brick

This is a contemporary bar that is easily liked by many people. The brick on the wall shares warmth along with the wooden table and leathered stools while the clear glass pendants sounds modern.

Under the Stones

If you love rustic look, you will love this bar under these natural stones in arch ceiling.  The unique yellow pendants spreads luminous glow around the bar and the stones catch the glow perfectly. It is a perfect look for a bar!

White Stone Bar

This cool bar has white stone arranged for the table but using white marble counter top. The white stones are also used in the wall. It is such a great feeling to have those in white to match the living room next to it.

Traditional Bar

It is such a classic traditional bar. With the wooden bar, cabinet, and the wooden beams in the ceiling, the warmth is everywhere. Plus, the brown warm stones create a nice ambiance.

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