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Family room is often considered as important room for you to tie your togetherness with the whole family’s members. Now, people are looking for the idea of basement family rooms that are not only giving you the space to have warm chatting and interaction but also boosting your mood in daily activities. These are ten basement family rooms you can take the idea from .

Bubbly Contemporary Basement Family Room

It is such a brilliant idea to combine the color of grey, blue and white in one room. What makes the room feels so warm and bubbly is because of the display of colorful wall map, mural and blue chair.

Ranch Basement Family Room that Goes to Modernity

This basement family room takes the mixed ideas of ranch and modern design. Therefore, you will have great stone wall and leather sofa that match with the glass coffee table and open bookshelves.

Natural Basement Family Room

Look at this lovely place. The paint of the room is so simple and calm. It adds some distinctive features such as built-in shelves and stone fireplace. It will make us go back to nature by having the floral pictures and glass wall that enable you to see the green view outside.

Basement Family Room in Blue

This is the inspiration for you who have the large space. You can choose the paint color of blue which is slightly light grey. It enables you to put big open shelves and sofa. It still gives the children space to play around.

Contemporary Elegant Basement Family Room

This concept of basement family room is very interesting on how you have media room and dining room connected each other. It is a perfect option for you who loves the elegant and contemporary idea.

Classic Basement Family Room

The idea of this basement family room is relatively classic yet it strongly gives you the nuance of warmth and homey. Wrapped in dominant color of brown, your family will be more than happy to stay.

Teen Basement Family Room

The colorful tones that this room has will surely boost the mood anyone coming here. Hence, it is very suitable for the cheerful ones like teenagers or children.

Walk-Out Modern Family Room

This walk-out basement family room has a fresh idea to bring white accent and the classic features like stone and wood at the same time. It clearly gives you the large space to hang out with your big family.

American Reddish Basement Family Room

Even though this room looks simple but it is attractive in term of wall painted with strong red color. In addition, there are some stuffs that attract our attention more such as the blue chair and wall feature attached.

Small Comfy Basement Family Room

If you don’t have large space for your basement family room, this room is your best preference. There are some interesting features like the tiled wall, the working table and the green rounded coffee table.

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