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bathroom vanity, white wall, mirror, blue floating cabinet white top, pendants, white floor Design It Poland

Bathroom Vanities, White Wall, White Marble Wall, White Floating Vanity, Wooden Floor, Glass Partition
Bathroom Vanity, Wooden Wall, Grey Floating Cabinet, Grey Floor, Mirror
Bathroom Vanities, Black Floating Cabinet With White Top, Black Floor Shelves, Round Mirror
Bathroom, Grey Wall, Grey Floating Vanity, White Floating Cabinet, White Vertical Cabinet, Mirror
Bathroom Vanity, White Wall, Mirror, Blue Floating Cabinet White Top, Pendants, White Floor
Bathroom Vanity, Wooden Floating Vanity Table, White Sinks, White Toilets, Grey Wall, Rattan Pendants
Bathroom Vanity, Wooden Floating Cabinet Vanity, Grey Bowl Sink, Grey Wall, Mirror, White Tub
Bathroom Vanities, Brown Marble Floor Tiles, Wooden Wall, Blue Floating Vanity
Bathroom, Grey Floor, Grey Floating Table Vanity, White Sinks, White Wall, Mirror
Bathroom Vanity, Wooden Wall, White Floating Cabinet, White Bowl Sink

So you have a bathroom that you would like to decorate with vanity but you’re looking for something that will give a light yet still pretty and strong touch? These below are gorgeous inspirations you can work on in the bathroom that will help to light up the room with its pretty design and colors.

Electric Blue
If you love putting something strong in your natural looking bathroom, you would love this electric blue floating vanity. Its strong color makes it a strong touch to the neutral surrounding even with the simplest design of cabinet.

Floating Black Lines
This one is another strong floating vanity that has made a simple yet powerful horizontal lines on the white wall and floor. The simple floating cabinet is supported with black board on the floor as added shelf.

Short White
This one here puts a short square floating vanity for those who love modern look. The top makes a little twist with white top that does not go in line with the brown body. Completed with white wall and indented shelves with marble details in depth, this modern style looks minimalist with pretty details.

Minimalist Grey
If you love minimalist look, you would love this grey vanity. The grey wall looks really beautiful with rectangle shapes on the grey floating vanity, white horizontal and vertical floating cabinets. This line playing makes the vanity looks even more interesting.

Stack Vanity
This one is another vanity that shows its pretty look with its white and simple design. The cabinet looks strong on the brown surrounding even with its simple design. The holes in the left and right part of the cabinet makes light and fun details.

Private Vanity
This bathroom makes a pretty design with private vanity area just behind the partition of the shower area. This simple yet smart setting allows it to have a tidily set special vanity. The white floating cabinet and the glossy white sink makes a strong and gorgeous combination in this bathroom.

Soft Blue
While the first one gives a strong electric blue, this one goes with softer look. The blue floating cabinet resonates perfectly with the white wall and floor. The seamless of the wall floor continue to the vanity that makes the whole thing look so effortlessly beautiful.

Simple Wood
This fresh and natural looking bathroom has amazing details. The grayish blue wall makes an easy companion to the natural details like wooden floor and wall, rattan pendant and wooden floating table in the vanity area.

Wooden Cabinet
Similar to the previous one, this one also uses wood to enrich the vanity. With simple floating wooden cabinet and grey sink, the vanity looks so easy and light to the grey wall and wooden floor.

Light Grey
This floating cabinet makes a fresh and modern look with its grey top and wooden shelf below. The white sinks combine perfectly well with the fresh large mirror.

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