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bathroom, grey floor tiles, white wall, cream exposed brick wall, glass partition, modern pendant, white cupboard, Domino

Bathroom, White Floor, White Wall, White Cupboard With Shelves And Laundry Machines, Floating Wooden Sink, Mirror, Glass Partition
Bathroom, Grey Floor Tiles, White Wall, Cream Exposed Brick Wall, Glass Partition, Modern Pendant, White Cupboard,
Bathroom, Grey White Patterned Floor Tiles, White Chevron Wall Tiles, Wooden Cabinet, White Round Sink, Round Mirror, White Sconce, White Tub
Bathroom, Tiny Wall Tiles, Wooden Vanity, White Sink, Laundry Machine, Three Sconces
Bathroom, White Floor, Brown Wall, Glass Partition, Round Rug, White Cupboard, Black Floating Vanity With White Sink
Bathroom, Brown Floor, Striped Brown Wall, Wooden Counter Top, White Sink, White Cabinet, White Rack
Bathroom, White Marble Floor, White Wall, White Tub, Glass Partition, White Floating Vanity With White Sink, LED Ceiling
Bathroom, Grey Hexagonal Floor Tiles, White Floating Toilet, White Floating Vanity Wooden Counter Top, White Upper Cabinet, Wooden Looking White Tub
Bathroom, White Marble Floor, White Wall, Vaulted Ceiling, Ceiling Window, Laundry Machine, White Marble Wall, Black Cabinet
Bathroom, Brown Marble Wall And Floor, White Tub, Brown Vanity With Drawers, White Laundry Machine

Saving space is an essential challenge especially for a house with limited space. Even a small room like bathroom sometimes need to help with this space saving. One thing that a bathroom can do best is by also being a laundry room. This way, all the dirty clothes are in the basket in the bathroom and it is so easy to throw them into the laundry machine and wait for it while, say, you take a bath. If you think this is what you need, you will love to see brilliant ideas to add laundry machine in the bathroom below.

Elegant Sight
You can give it to marble to create elegance in the room. This small bathroom under the vaulted ceiling look elegant and larger with its marble floor and wall. The laundry machines are placed under the vaulted ceiling with wooden counter top. This is just like another cabinet.

Inside the Cabinet
With high ceiling, the cabinet with laundry machines here looks large and gives much more storage. The neutral setting of the room also makes the room more airy and bigger.

Compact Look
This one here has a very interesting look. Although it is in limited space, the bathroom is decorated in more free way with patterned floor and tub-side tiles. And it can also adds laundry machine under the vanity too. This is a great way of saving space.

Under the Vanity
This one also has the machine under the vanity. To make the room less crowded, a nice setting is seen in the wooden open shelves and neutral color option on the floor and wall.

All Brown Bathroom
This bathroom looks as minimalist as it can. Almost the entire surface is in brown and that helps saving space, at least in sight. The laundry machine in white is matched with the tub and sink.

Also Brown, with More Details
Well, this one here is also with brown look on the entire surface. However, it holds more details with the kind of striped marble on the wall. This details is added with machine under the counter top.

Under the Cupboard
In this tall ceiling room, the white tall cupboard serves to be a great storage keeper. And it is even better as it is able to keep a large thing like laundry machine at the bottom. This cupboard has black back that makes it look even deeper.

Modern White
This modern bathroom in white shows a practical look with pretty details on the sink and floor. But aside from that, it is practical with the setting, including the laundry machine.

Modern and Practical
This one is another modern bathroom that looks practical and gorgeous. The grey hexagonal floor and wall tiles bring modern look along with the smooth cabinet and toilet. This easy setting is good when you add another thing to the bathroom, like laundry machine.

Inside the Cupboard
Although it looks like a large bathroom, this one here still adds laundry room to the bathroom. But, it leisurely create its own cupboard to hold everything. However, if it can afford it, it is not a problem. Plus, when it is not needed, the cupboard can be closed and it is hidden well.

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