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bathroom with bathtub, shower without door, dark mosaic tiles on flooring, wall, metal shower fixture Belle Kitchen

Shower Area With Limestone For Flooring And Wall, Tiles For Rain Ceiling, Two Shower Ficture On The Wall
Bathroom With Bathtub, Shower Without Door, Dark Mosaic Tiles On Flooring, Wall, Metal Shower Fixture
Bathroom With Shower Without A Door With Subway Tiles On The Wall With Accent Tiles, Tiles On Flooring, Built In Bench, White Sink With Metal Legs
Bathroom With Walk In Shower With Cream Tiles One The Wall, Built In Cabinet On The Wall, White Sink, White Bowl Sink, Wooden Cabinet Under The Sink
Bathroom With White Whitetub Also For Shower With Grey Finish Glass Partition, Porcelain Tile Flooring And Wall, Wooden Shelves, White Sink, Toilet, And Cabinet
Bathroom With Three Separated Area For Bathtub, Toilet, And Walk In Shower With Cream Tiles
Shower Area With Limestone Like In The Wall And Flooring With Different Size, Black Shower Fixture
Shower Without Door But With Sliding Door To Outside, Mixed Mosaic Limestone And Terracota Flooring And Wall, Rain Shower Ceiling, Shower Gainst The Wall
Bathroom With Walk In Shower With Limestone Flooring, Wall, Wooden Cabinet With Granite Top, Glass Partition
Bathroom With Shower With No Door, With White Curtain, White Subway Tiles On The Wall, White Hexagonal Tiles On The Floor, White Vanity And Cabinet

So many varieties you can choose on planning or remodeling your bathroom. You can go with tub or shower of both depends on how you want your bathroom space spent. One of the favourite people go for is walk in shower or a shower without door. One of the best things about it is that you will not be suffocated when you bath with warm water. Although, if you live in a cold area, you will need to consider adding radiant floor heat for your flooring. These below are some fascinating ideas on how beautiful you can make your bathroom.

Rain Ceiling

Separated by wall where the shower is installed, it has no door. The long and spacious shower has a great touch of rain ceiling that beautify your room and add a great experience.

A Little Partition

If you want to add some glass for partition, it can be something like this. It adds the beauty of your bathroom but it doesn’t forget entirely its function.

Accent Tiles

Besides glass partition, to beautify shower without door, you can use accent tiles. In this picture, the accent tiles are in the same color with the rest of the room but it still gives great change.

Besides the Massive Tub

Beside this massive tub that will pamper you, there is simplicity. The shower itself is designed simple with same mosaic tiles wall and flooring as the rest of the bathroom.

Close with Curtain

If you love the idea of having walk in shower, but you’re not entirely comfortable taking a bath without any separation, you can add a light material like plastic or thick fabric with pattern you love.

Open to the Outdoor

This one is for you who have private property and, of course, love to be one with nature. Like this picture, you can put sliding door to your bathroom so that it opens to the nature.

Half Wall Partition

Besides glass partition, this kind of partition is popularly used to lessen the amount of water that will make your bathroom floor wet. With the right tiles and color, you will surely have a beautiful one.

Three Different Parts

For someone who loves to separate things, this might be the perfect. With shower, bathtub, and toilet that have its own room, you will find that it might get too cramped. And of course, having bathroom without door is one of the choices you can do.

Nice Tinge of Grey

This glass partition is in grey finish that brings luminous reflection of the room. You don’t have to always put clear glass for partition.

Traditional Simple Bathroom

This one bathroom is simple yet so beautiful. The color of the tiles and black river stone creates natural ambiance. The beam from the beautiful sconces gives perfect light to the bathroom. And glass partition is added to protect the black granite top vanity.

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