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light colored floating cabinet, white marble accent wall, white wall, round mirror, white counter top, white sink, wooden floor Home Fashion Trend

Floating Bathroom Vanity With White Counter Top, Wooden Drawers, White Wall, Large Round Mirror, White Wooden Floor
Bathroom, Grey Wall, Flower Accent Wall, Golden Round Framed Mirror, Golden Shower Faucet, Dark Wooden Vanity, Wooden Floating Shelves
Bathroom, White Wall, Brown Subway Backsplash, Round Mirror, Wooden Cabinet, White Sinks, White Hexagonal Floor Tiles, Marble Tub
Light Colored Floating Cabinet, White Marble Accent Wall, White Wall, Round Mirror, White Counter Top, White Sink, Wooden Floor
Bathroom Vanity, Wooden Door, White Counter Top, White Wooden Plank, Round Mirror, Wooden Shelves, White Bulb Sconces
Wooden Floating Vanity With White Counter Top, Floating Wooden Shelves, White Wall, White Patterned Accent Wall, Round Mirror
Wooden Small Vanity, White Wall, White Sink, Round Mirror, White Towel
Bathroom, Wooden Floor, White Wainscoting, Flower Pattern Wallpaper, Glass Sconces, Wooden Vanity, Golden Framed Mirror
Black Marbel Vanity With Wooden Counter Top, Tall Mirror, White Bowl Sink
Wooden Bathroom Vanity In Light Brown, White Wall, White Patterned Floor Tiles, White Marble Counter Top, Large Square Mirror, Golden Glass Sconces

Having bathroom vanity is a necessary. Of course you can put your brush and all the toiletries in a cupboard. However, having a bathroom vanity will expel the problem efficiently while also decorates the room and adds some more features like helping you getting ready in the morning and before bed. If you love bathroom vanity and know you’re bathroom is dependent on it, you will want to see these wooden bathroom vanity. These are vanities with wooden look that will make your bathroom feels warm and comfortable that your morning will be greeted warmly and your night will set you soundly.

Natural Vanity
In this one, the vanity looks really warm with wooden look seen on the vanity door and shelves on top of the counter. The white marble counter top looks really beautiful combined with the natural touches. Th round mirror brings fresh look as well.

Light Brown
If you want something strong and sturdy but you want to look light, vanity like this one will be perfect. The large vanity fills the space perfectly well. Combined with pretty patterned white floor tiles, the vanity area looks graceful.

Light Nature
In this floating vanity, the natural touches looks light and bright on the wooden drawers and white stone on the counter top and sink. This simple and minimalist look is completed with large round mirror and white plants pot.

Classic Light
The wooden vanity in this bathroom pulls off a traditional and classic look at once. Positioned in a white modern bathroom, the contrast is loud and pretty. The pattern on the wooden vanity looks stunning among the plain sight.

Wooden Top
Contrary to the previous ones, this one here shows an incredible setting with wooden look on top of the vanity instead of the body while black marble is put to support instead of as counter top.

Small Wood
For those who love to put the vanity outside of the bathroom might like to have small and compact vanity instead of the big one. Well, this wooden small vanity has so much to offer. Being lean and simple designed, the look is perfect for a small space. The wood material puts a strong and warm notion in the small nook.

Dark Wood Cabinet
This elegant bathroom has a dark ambiance created by the grey wall and dark wooden look. The dark cabinet surely helps the room to look even deeper. The golden lines on the mirror, faucet and pendants look amazing in this dark bathroom.

Small Cabinet
For those who love a simple small cabinet, this on below shows a perfect presentation. the dark colored cabinet is elegant yet simple. The simple design puts the sink in a really tidy look.

Floating Light
This floating cabinet puts a cabinet in a lighter mood, supported by its minimalist design. The sot hue on the walls blend well with the light colored cabinet.

Flower Accent
In this beautiful bathroom, the accent wall looks strong but not too strong. The flower drawings soften the white room while the floating wooden table warm the room.

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