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black vanities with golden carving, wooden countertop, vessel sink, mirror, limestone floor, toilet Seattle Staged to Sell & Design

Black Vanities With Golden Carving, Wooden Countertop, Vessel Sink, Mirror, Limestone Floor, Toilet
Oak Desk For Vanity With Varnished Oak Counter Top, White Sink
Turquoise Cabinet With Pattern, Grey Granite Countertops, White Sink, Large Mirrors
Mozaic Tiles On Vanity With Bronze Like Sink And Black Faucet, Artificially Cut Wood Framed Mirror, Brown Tiles For Wall
Simpel Wooden Two Door Cabinet With White Stone Counter Top, Bronze Sink, Unique Round Mirror With Spikey Frame
Rustic Vanities In Wood Planks With Black Handles, Black Marble Countertop, Brown Tiles One Line Backsplash, Square Wooden Framed Mirror, Sconces
Student Desk Like For Vanity With Wooden Cabinet, Black Counter Top, Golden Faucet, Blue Shabby Tools For Children, Wooden Framed Mirror, White Pendant Lamp
Simple Bathroom Vanity With Blue Color Blocks On The Top Drawer, Black Countertop, White Sink, Metal Faucet
Antique Table For Bathroom Vanity With Brown Stone Sink And Large Mirror
Onyx Vanity With LED Lighted Mirrors With Aluminium Sink

Beautiful bathroom vanities are a great thing to have whether it’s in the bathroom or in the powder room. Great vanities are such an apple to the eye. Among those kinds of vanities, you will want to choose the best one that will match your personality and of course the theme of the room. Here below are some ideas of bathroom vanities you might be able to do in your home.

French Cabinet

This vanity is really beautiful with its old French look that will make your bathroom looks grand. The vessel sink and the faucet match perfectly to the cabinet.

Rustic Vanities

For those who love natural theme and like to decorate their homes in rustic theme, this wooden vanity will go perfectly in any rustic bathroom or powder room.

Modern and Simple

If you are looking for something simple and modern, you might like this vanity below. The design is simple. With floating concept, this vanity looks even more fun with the blue color blocks.

Simply Full of Characteristic

You don’t have to look for something grand only to make your bathroom on point. You can still go with character even if it’s simple. Like the picture below, the cabinet is simple but it has great detail to look old and unique. With the dark wood cabinet, the counter top is white and the sink is bronze.

Covered with Tiles

Tiles can make a bathroom more fun when you play with the color and tile pattern. If you like to cover your bathroom with tiles so that it is easy to clean, you can do it aesthetically like this below. You can put mosaic tiles on the vanity part and makes your bathroom more colorful.

Light It with Onyx

To bring some lights in the bathroom can be done not only in the conservative way when you put the light on pendant lamps or sconces. You can also bring your mirror forward to take the function by put LED behind it. And if you like to take further step, using onyx stone beautifully like this can accentuate the whole look.

Nice Coloring

If you want to light things up in your bathroom, you can play with colorful cabinet. Like this one below that plays with the cabinet while the counter top and the walls, still matching with the cabinet, goes in softer.

Oak Desk

If you want to have the natural feeling but prefer something not too raw, you can try using oak desk and put white sink on it. Change the counter top and it’s done beautifully.

With Antique

If the previous vanity uses oak desk, this one uses antique table. And it looks really pretty and charming too. The table makes the space not too full and the large mirror helps too. The space shows in the room makes the room lighter.

Student Desk

The more unique, the more it appeals to some of us. And that is what exactly you can feel from this student desk vanity. With wooden cabinet and mirror frame, the set looks great. The black counter top put balance to it.

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