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bathroom, white zigzag pattern floor tiles, white wall, white ceiling, white marble sink, acrylic shelves, white tub, round cove with glass wall Futurist Architecture

Bathroom, Beige Floor, White Toilet, Wooden Cabinet Shelves, White Sink, White Tub, White Subway Ties, Mirror, Top Half Glass Wall
Bathroom, Pink Floor Tiles, White Wall, White Ceiling Wall, Acrylic Partition, Grey Marble Vanity With White Sink, Pink Wall With Built In Shelves, White Tub, Glass Window
Bathroom, White Flooring Tiles, White Tub, Grey Wall, White Cabinet, Windows
Bathroom, Beige Floor, Textured Wall, Wooden Cabinet Shelves With White Sink, White Tub, White Toilet, Large Glass Wall
Bathroom, White Zigzag Pattern Floor Tiles, White Wall, White Ceiling, White Marble Sink, Acrylic Shelves, White Tub, Round Cove With Glass Wall
Bathroom, White Tiny Tiles, White Tub, White Wooden Wall With Shelves, White Framed Windows, Blue Roman Shades
Large Bathroom, Wooden Floor, Large Glass Walls, Pergolla Ceiling, Wooden Floating Vanity, White Sink, Mirror, White Wall
Bathroom, Wooden Floor, Wooden Cabinet, White Cladding, Grey Wall, White Tub, Mosaic Large Windows
Bathroom, Beige Floor, White Tiles Backsplash, White Wall, Wooden Vanity With Drawers And Shelves, White Sink, White Tub, White Toilet, Mirror
Bathroom, Large Beige Floor Tiles, White Wall, White Sloping Ceiling, Glass Windows On Sloping Ceiling, White Tub, Shower Area, White Cabinet With Led, White Sinks

When a large space is ready for a bathroom, it’s easy to make it beautiful. With large space, you don’t have to worry about putting all you need inside the bathroom. You can separate the tuba and shower in different place too. However, no matter how beautiful it is, it will always be such a shame when a bathroom looks dark and dingy. And it will always feel great when a bathroom has all the light provided. And for that, adding large glass window is important. Here below are some ideas on getting the best light in the bathroom.

Sloping Windows
As windows are important for a bathroom, it becomes even more important for a bathroom with sloping ceiling so that the room will not feel cramped at all. That’s why, this bathroom here looks incredibly beautiful besides the arrangements and furniture. The glass windows on the sloping ceiling helps the bathroom a great deal.

Glass Cove Wall
This one here is blessed with round cove. However, it is not always easy to come up with ideas in round cove. This one here uses the cove to make separate area for the tub and uses glass wall to give the room maximum level of light.

Large Glass Wall
Similar to the previous one with the sloping ceiling, this one here too depicts a perfect look for a bathroom under the sloping ceiling. The combination of pale pink and white creates soft nuance to the room while the tub, sink, and decorations give clean and sleek lines to the modern look. The large glass wall brings everything inside to be noticed even more.

Round Round
In this long bathroom, the furniture is placed following the wall. The interesting thing is that the tub, toilet, and sink are in white and with round edge. This is balancing the rough textured from the wall and the cornered mirror. The large glass wall itself is placed at the end of the room, near the tub. It’s perfect to gaze to the view while relaxing on the bathtub.

Half Glass
Similar to the previous one, this bathroom here also has natural and neutral feeling with more natural touch. And it is partly because the view on the glass wall is greener. And also, the stone wall tiles.

Opened Wall
While the previous ones use large glass window to add maximum bright, this one here uses a large door that can be opened. IT’s like a garage door. With this window/wall/door, taking a bath will be serene, while gazing out to the nature.

Large Glass Walls
This one here displays a perfect view of a large bathroom that is lighted by maximum sun light. With its glass wall and pergola, it will be as good as taking bath in the open.

Pretty Shade
While the previous ones love to show a great deal of the bathroom, this one here tries to be more private with medium sized glass windows. Not only that, when people wants more privacy, the blue roman shade is ready to be pulled.

Pretty Hidden
Having a large windows does not always to have an open bathroom. This one here can use glass windows and get all the light without exposing the inside of the bathroom. With the tub placed under the window line, it’s pretty well hidden.

Large Mosaic
Although glass window is the best in giving maximum light, mosaic glass can give more mesmerizing colorful light. And, with the right mosaic glass, the bathroom will look more alive and of course brighter.

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